Route 33: a mapped route through the Abyss plus a new POI "The distant view in blue

Used this crossing on the way back from Beagle Point and it was an absolute dream in my 39 LY Anaconda as I was able to plot between 10 -20 jumps at a time.

The Planetary Nebula was some real icing on the cake! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


Having just arrived home it appears I managed to also snag the secondary star in the system too! What an honour! [heart]

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Trying to find my own way through the's hoping I don't have to backtrack too much....if I do, I might just hop over to route 33. Thx for blazing the trail CMDR:)


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Right on Commander!

This is fantastic, thanks so much for plotting a safe route through here. I had completely dismissed this way when I started racing to Beagle Point as I had assumed it was unpassable without an Anaconda, got to Beagle Crossing but was struggling to find a way through, however now I'm going to alter my course and head straight for the Southern end of Route 33.
Thank you for this shortcut. Just crossed the Abyss in my 32.4 ASP. Half a tank of fuel (16T) was enough to do those big jumps.
I had also used your route to Beagle Point last month, thank you for that too.
WARNING! Neutron star near the Distant View in Blue

Hi all,
I had the unfortunate experience of unexpectedly jumping into a neutron star system toady, close to the Distant View in Blue. Thankfully I had enough fuel to get to another scoopable, but only just.

So, although it's almost entirely scoopables out here, they're not all like that. BE WARNED :)

Fly safe!
Non-jumponium route 33 to Distant View in Blue

I found a non-jumponium route from route 33 to the Distant View in Blue, max jump 32.93ly. Start at the bottom, DViM is at the top:
Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0 22.34
Pyrie Eurk OL-F c11-0 27.31
Pyrie Eurk EK-R d4-0 22.49
Pyrie Eurk JF-H c10-0 29.48
Pyrie Eurk FZ-I c9-0 29.40
Pyrie Eurk EE-J c9-0 32.75
Pyrie Eurk CP-R d4-0 28.74
Pyrie Eurk FE-J c9-0 31.53
Pyrie Eurk DP-R d4-0 14.91
Pyrie Eurk GE-J c9-0 28.63
Pyrie Eurk HZ-I c9-0 23.79
Pyrie Eurk IZ-I c9-0 32.60
Pyrie Eurk FK-R d4-3 29.46
Pyrie Eurk NF-H c10-0 15.93
Pyrie Eurk MF-H c10-0 29.39
Pyrie Eurk JQ-P d5-0 18.45
Pyrie Eurk JQ-P d5-2 20.52
Pyrie Eurk QL-F c11-0 24.11
Pyrie Eurk SG-F c11-0 21.51
Pyrie Eurk LL-P d5-5 27.45
Pyrie Eurk TB-F c11-0 26.78
Pyrie Eurk WW-E c11-0 26.03
Pyrie Eurk KL-P d5-3 32.93
Pyrie Eurk RQ-G c10-1 29.03
Pyrie Eurk PV-G c10-0 31.28
Pyrie Eurk GF-R d4-1 31.50
Pyrie Eurk GF-R d4-3 12.45
Pyrie Eurk OV-G c10-0 32.61
Pyrie Eurk NV-G c10-0 29.99
Whoop! :D
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For some reason Route 33 had been turned Private instead of Public in EDSM. This should be corrected now. In addition I have added a bunch of waypoints so the EDSM list now contains app. every tenth system of 340 systems of the route.
Since 2.2 the route plotter has been fixed so it uses the full range when plotting routes so route 33 should be much easier to follow now. Prior to 2.2 the route plotter used slightly less than the full range when plotter, e.g. f I plotted a route using my 33.13ly AspX then the plotter would actually only use ~32ly.

TLDR - you may find that you can plot long routes without having to follow the list of systems exactly.
Thank you! This helped immensely! Got stuck in the Abyss SSE of BP had to back track a bit and then use this guide to get me to BP!
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