Rover Hackysack

so the in game group i am a part of, the paladin consortium, has weekly get togethers for fun and shenanigan's. we met on a planet with strong geysers and used them to see how high we could launch an srv. good times lol. the record was about 11 km up. it was a pretty low grav world. anyway a guy in an srv jumped on to the nose of my anaconda while i was low to the ground, so i tried to fly straight up to see how high the game would let me bring the srv. the srv wiggled and shook like my kerbal rockets, then launched it self upward a good 100 meters or so. being a bit of a goofball i decide that when it came down i was going to use the nose of my anaconda like a paddle in a pinball machine. the results were so much better then i expected, mostly because 5 other people where on the ground or in ships nearby watching when i smacked this srv about 2 km nearly straight up. all conversation stopped and discord was filled with the sound of laughing cmdrs. XD another cmdr rushed in to catched the srv but at the last second he did the same thing i did and smacked it with the nose of his conda.

And thus the greatest game of hackysack ever was played on a low g world, in a field of geysers, lit only by ship lights and nightvision. thanks Fdev for making this game.

dont be afraid to make your own fun out there cmdrs. o7
There's a lot of strangeness possible with the SRV - stable orbits, for example:

If you want to try "egg and spoon" races instead, an interesting challenge is moving the Anaconda horizontally without dropping the SRV. You need to move slowly, and the SRV pilot needs to also drive to keep up as friction isn't implemented properly. Much trickier than the "space elevator" of moving them vertically.
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