Running Planet Coaster on MacOS

Hi all,

Are there any Planet Coaster players out there using a Mac? How well does it run on your machine? (I know, I know, "Macs aren't good for gaming")

A few months ago I purchased the 2021 M1 iMac, and even upgraded to the model with the 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU and 16 GB unified memory. So far I have played Planet Coaster on it (primarily through Steam, although I also have the App Store version) and it seems to run "fine" enough, however the fan gets LOUD on anything intensive. The M1s are well-known for running quietly, but I am shocked how hot this computer gets and how the fans start spinning very noticeably. The FPS on the game is actually not horrible (and seems to run better through Steam than the App Store version) but it just gets SO hot. Continuously running at 96-99 degrees C. Which is very unlikely the computer doing literally anything else. Minecraft with decent settings will keep the machine around 55-70 degrees C and no noticeable fan noise. Obviously Planet Coaster is a lot more intensive than something like Minecraft. But dang, if this Mac doesn't run it smoothly and quietly, what Mac does?

I would possibly understand if this was a MacBook Air, but this is an iMac with an "upgrade." I know Macs aren't the best for gaming, but they released Planet Coaster on Mac for a reason, right? Do I just have to deal with the computer getting super hot and loud every time I want to play? Anyone else have this issue, or does anyone's run quietly?

Also, does anyone have experience running the game via the Mac App Store versus Steam? The App Store version seems to get hotter and louder, more quickly, for whatever reason.

Thanks all!
Unfortunately, I've heard from other M1 users that they too experience what you're describing. The loud fans and the overheating. I have a 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro i7 and for some reason PlanCo runs amazingly smooth with no fan noises or heating issues shrugs

I uploaded a video of actual gameplay footage from my MacBook Pro to my YT channel to give you an idea of how its running on mine:

I actually played yesterday for the first time on my MacBook Pro with M1 Pro - it worked awesome, Fans were on a little bit, but not much :)
Using on M1 Mac Mini and M1 16" MBP Pro, and no fans at all. Even on my more-than-complicated park designs.
Thanks all. I wonder if it is something regarding the build of the new iMac. Like I said, the game runs just fine. It just gets very hot and quite often loud.

Anyway, I saved up some money and my Christmas bonus and decided to fork over the money to build a PC. I got it up and running this weekend and it is the best thing I've ever bought. It runs Planet Coaster like an absolutely dream, and my 10,000-guest park with 23 coasters and several flat rides runs almost flawlessly. I'm so excited to play the game "guilt-free" now, without fear of overheating the machine by keeping it at 99 degrees for hours on end.
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