Community Event / Creation Save the Date - Beagle Point Expedition June 28th

Hello Commanders,

I am the Captain of the Space Ball 1 Fleet Carrier and me and my squadron are organizing a trip to Beagle Point and back to the Bubble starting with June 28th.

  • The Itinerary for the journey is quite simple: Alpha Centauri -> Sagittarius A -> Beagle Point -> Colonia -> Alpha Centauri

Here is the proposed schedule (based on actual progress the dates will be adjusted):
  1. The Carrier will be stationed In Alpha Centauri starting with June 26th 12:00 UTC. On June 28th 16:00 UTC - Departure from Alpha Centauri!
  2. Projected time to reach Sagittarius A: 18 hours of continuous gameplay, which translates into about 2 days - expected arrival to Sag A is June 30th
  3. The carrier is going to be stationed in the Sag A region for 48 hours allowing everyone to go explore the Black Hole itself and the surroundings and get some very valuable navigation data.
  4. On July 1st at around 16:00 UTC the Carrier will initiate Jump Sequence towards Beagle Point which is expected to take another 27 hours of continuous gameplay (roughly 3 days of jumping)
  5. Projected arrival date at Beagle Point is July 5th. Here the carrier is going to remain for around 24-48 hours giving everyone the time to explore and gather Tritium (more details about this in the REFUELING section)
  6. On July 7th at around 17:00 the Carrier is going to initiate Jump Sequence towards Colonia which will take around 32 hours of continuous gameplay (roughly 5 days of continuous jumping to which we add 24 hours for refueling - details in the REFUELING section, point 4)
  7. Projected arrival date to Colonia: July 13th. Here, the Carrier is going to remain for 24-48 hours allowing everyone to explore and refill the Carrier with Tritium
  8. On July 15th the Carrier will start jump sequence towards Alpha Centauri with a projected arrival date of July 17th

Additional details you need to know:


  1. During each of the stops, the expectation of everyone on board will be to pitch in (as much or as little as everyone can) towards refueling the carrier. This trip, in total, requires ~66.500 units of Tritium, which means we will need to refuel the carrier at every stop. Towards this, I will ask everyone that joins to also bring in a mining ship so you can mine the needed Tritium.
  2. Due to the Capacity occupied by the Outfitting module (1750 units) The Carrier will not have any outfitting present aboard. Please make sure that the ships you will take (you can take multiple) are viable for exploration/mining
  3. As you might or might not know, the total storage amount of a fleet carrier is 25.000 Units, but some of it will be taken up by Carrier modules. As such, I am expecting the available Tritium storage to be around 18.000 Units. The process for storing Tritium will be quite simple, as described below:
    • Once you have mine/purchased Tritium from any other place than The Carrier, you will dock with The Carrier and go to commodities market.
    • There, you will sell the Tritium to The Carrier for the minimum cost that can be set (2.085 credits per unit)
    • This will amount to around 208.000 Credit/100 units of Tritium so your monetary investment should be minimal
    • All of the above will be repeated until the carrier is going to be full. Do not worry if you are left with some Tritium in your ship upon the carrier jumping - you can donate it to The Carrier after the jump and empty your cargo
    • Me (Cmdr. IceTeaFoot) and the other to Commanders (Cmdr. Drake1984 and Cmdr. KonjikiYami) will be responsible for getting the Tritium out of the market and into the Carrier Tritium Depot
  4. There will, most probably, be a need for an intermediate refueling stop between Beagle Point and Colonia - this is because the approximate fuel needed for that journey is 23.000 units of Tritium, which we cannot store all at once. Details of this will be presented on the #schedule channel on Discrod
  5. Again, this is not a prerequisite for joining this adventure, but it would be really nice if as many of you as possible have mining ships so we can stock up the carrier quickly and adhere to the proposed schedule above.


  1. During the 24 or 48 hour stops you are at leisure to go exploring the surrounding star systems. The only Strong Recommendation is for you to be on The Carrier at the departure time so as not to be left behind!
  2. You are at your free will if you will be selling you cartographic data to The Carrier or wait until Colonia/Alpha Centauri.
  3. During your exploration cycle, please take into consideration that you are also expected (if you can) to refuel the Carrier, so allocate time for that too
  4. The cooldown period for the Carrier jump is 20 minutes split as follows:
    • 5 minutes FSD colldown
    • 12 Minutes pre-jump procedures
    • 3-4 minutes lock-down process and FSD spool-up
  5. If, during the Carrier cooldown you want to leave the carrier and explore the system (or nearby systems) you are free to do so with the full disclosure that you must be back onboard the carrier with more than 4 minutes prior to the jump or else you will be left behind!


  1. The primary communication channel will be Discord, and towards this, here is the link to the Discord server set up specifically for this expedition:
  2. The rules will be quite simple and thus, any infringement of the rules will be acted upon
  3. In the communication channels we will be keeping you updated if there are any changes to the schedule, letting you know the departure times of The Carrier for the dates that do not have a departure time, and more.

With these being said, we welcome anyone that wants to test their metal and explore some very important points in our Galaxy. All are welcome (or as many as fit on the Carrier).

Looking forward to see you on board!
Cmdr. IceTeaFoot
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