Sdanwolf's Picture Thread

I figured instead of creating a new post for all my little weird projects I'd keep you guys updated picture wise, right here! I'll try to my best to keep this updated throughout Planet Zoo's life & this fun new journey we're about to take! If you have questions about a particular photo just give me a shout. Please note all pictures are a direct product of the game engine but may from time to time be slightly altered with respect to lighting and color overlay of shots - * Photoshop is not being used * any altering is performed with the Snapseed App for iPhone followed occasionally by the Prisma App for iPhone if the scene warrants it. If you want to see this stuff in action here is a link to my YouTube channel.
Come join us!










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Maybe someday I'll get to make something like this, instead of just putting four walls down and calling it an enclosure. Can I ask, if you have lemurs what kind of enclosure have you done for them?

I really need to come up with a good exhibit for them still. I have a smaller generic enclosure for them but nothing like the wolfs den etc haha


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Now that we have a Your Creations Forum, I’ve taken the liberty of moving this thread to that shiny new forum.

Thanks Sdanwolf for blowing us away with your breathtaking creations! I look forward to more of your awesome skills! 😁
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