Sector Mapping - Dumbbell Project

Fair enough :) We're not doing this with our own data! (But we log much more info...)
We considered gathering a lot more system data but decided to keep things as simple as possible to avoid excessive time spent entering data on spreadsheets. :) More time exploring, less time inputting data!
For all your exploration needs!

And also green one for Alliance :)

Mabe by AEDC community member Bfiftytwo.
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Hi All.

Well after a 3/4 month break away from Elite I decided this evening to dust off the HOTAS and log back in and not being sure of what to do I've made my way out to BD+22 3878 to start to help with mapping the sector.

Not long after approaching the sector I soon started to regret having a moment of madness whilst outfitting my Asp and fitting it just a 16T Fuel Tank (Seriously!!! What was I thinking :S). I'll see how it goes, although if I find myself having to make to many diversions to scoop then I might make a quick trip back to swap it over to a 32T.

My first question is probably a very simple one to which I think I know the answer...

If I come across system that has been fully mapped by another Commander who is not taking part in the Dumbbell Project do I just go ahead and mark it as Green on the spreadsheet?

I'll only head off to BD+22 3878 this evening and then head off from there over the next few nights.

Thanks & Regards o7
CMDR Adept Geraden reporting for duty. Heading back from Jaques with some time to kill. Will donate it to a good cause.

And to answer Engadine's question. Check the system for precious and add them to the second sheet.
How is this project going?
The project is moving along slowly :)
I took a bit of a break from Elite myself but I'm back and scanning systems with a few other commanders.

I made an unexpected discovery this evening while exploring Dumbbell Sector EL-Y C18. The 4th planet has 3 rings!
I almost hit outer ring in supercruise while closing in to scan the moons!
(follow the link for 9 pics of the rings)

If you're making the trip to the Dumbbell Sector from the bubble, stop by 12 Vulpeculae on the way to enjoy the light show!
I've just returned from scanning another 100 systems in the Dumbbell Sector. I found 2 planets with materials for grade 1 and 2 fsd boosts!

Dumbbell Sector DL-Y C22 3D

Germanium - 3.5% (25%, 50% boost)
Vanadium - 3.0% (25%, 50% boost)
Cadmium - 0.9% (50% boost)
Niobium - 0.8% (50%, 100% boost)

Dumbbell Sector DL-Y C6 A3 D

Germanium - 3.5% (25%, 50% boost)
Vanadium - 3.0% (25%, 50% boost)
Cadmium - 0.9% (50% boost)
Niobium - 0.8% (50%, 100% boost)

Dumbbell Sector IR-T A4-0 1A

Arsenic - 1.4% (100% boost)
Niobium - 0.8% (50%, 100% boost)
Polonium - 0.3% (100% boost)

Dumbbell Sector DL-Y C22 2A

Arsenic - 2.4% (100% boost)
Cadmium - 1.4% (50% boost)
Niobium - 1.3% (50%, 100% boost)
Yttrium - 1.1% (100% boost)

We're getting close to 600 high value planets recorded in the sector now, currently 587. The value of those will increase significantly when 2.3 is released.

14 Earth-likes
72 Water candidates for terraforming (cfts)
112 Water worlds
355 High Metal Content cfts
7 Rocky cfts
27 Ammonia worlds.
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After a few months break from exploration I've returned to the Dumbbell Sector.

We've now reached 600 high value planets!

14 Earth-likes
76 Water candidates for terraforming (cfts)
114 Water worlds
361 High Metal Content cfts
7 Rocky cfts
28 Ammonia worlds

Congratulations to everyone involved in reaching this milestone! :)
Well, the actual survey is still ongoing, it's a rather long term proyect and there are still many systems left to scan. Still, thought I'd post here to reflect that and just for the fun of if since I love exploration.
Still underway?
Is there a roster somewhere, or a number of participants?
It's still underway, not sure if it's a proper roster but the participants are listed in the far right of the starsheet tab "Dumbbell Sector Systems List", up to 37 cmdrs have participated/or intended to participate.

I'm kinda adopting the project, gives me a good excuse to scan everything and rank up my exploration while doing something more meaningful than just picking a direction. I intend to get all star systems in the green in that sheet, verify ones that are marked but not green, and once all that's done I would like to add the systems to edsm if they're not on there already. It's a very big project but I'll have a blast with it.
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