Sequencer - trigger bunch of lights at once

Logging this one suggestion, raised in another thread. I know it's possible to write a long list of sequencer wishes, but that's not the intent here. I'm keeping it simple (and therefore hopefully possible).

Lighting is important. It would be great if we could add a bunch of Area Lights to a scenery group, and then change the colour of all lights in that group at once. Wait, we can already do this! Great! But we can't do it from within the sequencer. The scenery group is invisible to the sequencer, and each light must be added to the display group one at a time, and triggering set up one at a time.

We need access from the sequencer to the colour property shown on the scenery group containing the lights.

If we could optionally add a scenery group containing a bunch of identical light types, to a display group in sequencer, we could then switch them on/off, or change colour all at once. Saving us a lot of work. I believe this would be a welcome addition for those using vast numbers of lights and triggers. Needless to say, such a feature would also extend to other object types such as fireworks or any collection of props of same type you need activating all at once.
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