Serious PVP Question, Not Baiting

Thanks. After looking at that choice a bit I kinda came to the same conclusion. Even my vette can outrun a torp, if I see it in time. ;)

So this is my current config for the War Wagon. It's not even close to a PvP boat, but my understanding (from folks here) is that it's a survivable config for occasional play in Open.

Thing about torps is that any target new to pvp won't know that. They might not know that their ship is faster. While the warning says incoming torpedo the radar says seeker so there is that confusion as well. But imo the biggest problem with torps isn't the speed. Even an experienced pvper can get hit by them from time to time. The biggest problem imo is the loss in dps once the shields go down. Its almost always best used in a wing fight where one is a torp ship and the others aren't. However, even then its like you lose one wing mate.
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