PvP Server Instability

Just now in Kamadhenu flying in my Cutter, loaded with stuff for missions and comimg back for mor ALD garrison supplies.
Two npcs mission related and 2 enemy faction players (Hudson, Rui) trying to interdict me.
I quited after 5 times of "unable to connect to adjudication severs" black screen, at several times: when been interdicted, when jumping out of system when trying to engage FDS….
I got into the game again 4 times and it eneded always the same.
I am not going to lie I wanted to get to the station not fight and by now the guys chasing me would be right to call me a "combat logger", although I did high jumped twice and not lost a single layer of shields.
It is not the first time I notice connection problems whem I am arround other players.
Is this my connection or is a common event ?

Err… after seeing this https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/behold-the-great-fdev-ganker-filter.519491/page-2#post-7946573.
Maybe its not only my problem.
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No, it's damn disaster last days.
Black screens, CTD and CTM all the time... this game is designed to not meet people, just grind damn stones.
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