Server status OK but cant connect to servers once game lauched

It's a Sunday morning, the first weekend after thousands and thousands of new players joined the game. The servers are going to be struggling for a while, so I'd just sit back, relax, and do something else for a little while.
Might be worth checking there isn't a popup in the background with elitedangerous-64 asking permission to access the network.
Mission and Passenger boards are down.
Zero credits on my Epic n00b account. Sigh.
Guess I'll go shoot things in my main account.
Just Posted a fix that worked for me, it has been taken down, so i repost it.
After launching the game, gome to option, and network. My network was set to hamachi, i set it to wifi, and voilà, game works
I was trying to get in for a few days now thinking that the issue had to do with all the new players. It would've never occurred to me that my recent Hamachi install was the culprit. Thank you so much!
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