Server Update - First Time Trading Tracking Fix

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

An update to fix the tracking of first time trading in commodity or black markets has been deployed. This will allow progress towards unlocking Engineers that require a certain amount of trade with new markets. This will only affect Engineer progress from this point forwards.

This fix applies to both Odyssey and Horizons.

As always, if you encounter any further issues, please let us know!

Fly safe Commanders,

And the weird (and equally annoying) thing where NPCs spawn below the ground but are still able to shoot you. Or they are invisible but still show on the radar. 😖
There's also the weird thing where there are the weird floaty cylinders on the back of the Shotgun when sprinting and reloading.
Yess. And there's a large floaty cylinder on the executioner too (next to the scope). Didn't notice this on the oppressor or the tormentor.
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What about complete transfer of accouns from conss to pc? Especially after the last announcement forn further delay for consols I want ti swirto pc.
Thanks Zac!
The black market / commodity market codex tracking was currently impeding my new commander's efforts; many thanks for the fix and letting us know about it!
Hi @Zac Cocken any news on the poor console players gettint the prestige ranks?
or remote refuelling for Fleet Carriers
or Multi jump plotting for Fleet carriers ?
and thanks in advance
How about a fix that will let me log in, Get as far as Wecome Page Then............................................................Nothing, PLAY Button just turns blue again.......
ow well it was good while it lasted :-(
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