Set a hold-down-button-firing-rate for the shock cannon to protect our joystick

On the subject, I'd like to just hold my trigger for railguns to cycle up the next charge, releasing and pressing it again feels unnecessary.
I use a gamepad, and there's quite a lot of movement to release the trigger completely, which kinda makes the railgun a chore to use, especially combined with the rather skittish behaviour of gamepad aiming.
Group2 has trigger 1 for both beam laser and shock cannons, and trigger 2 for my 2 class 2 railgun.
If you use the same key for beams and shock cannons, then there's nothing you can do about it, unless FD really change the shock cannon to full-auto.
And that takes us to the post's original issue:
I agree.
Shock cannons should be full-auto, like the auto-cannons, but with lower fire-rate. Much like a flak gun.
In fact, I would rather have a proper flak weapon than these shock cannons. They are pretty much like cannons, with less damage and more fire rate. I would rather have an auto-cannon with slower fire rate and explosive shells for wide area effect. But not that stupid flak weapon Elite now has. No modern flak weapon uses such detail of keeping the button pressed until target is close. Since WWI that height/range finder technology is developed for AA guns. It would be really stupid to not have an auto range measurement system on a sci-fi flak gun.
So with this, you would have a very different cannon, with area effect, slow fire rate but requiring the single press of a button. It would still be great against thargoid swarms, it would be great against light/small ships, great at disabling modules with all the shrapnel deployed, but very very bad on friendly fire.
“full-auto, like the auto-cannons, but with lower fire-rate ” I agree with you totally. I don't want it to fire as fast as it can, because this thing generate a lot of heat. I think half of the current rate of firing is good (5 rounds per second)
On the subject, I'd like to just hold my trigger for railguns to cycle up the next charge, releasing and pressing it again feels unnecessary.
Sounds reasonable enough. Especially when considering that i can just hold down the button on my imperial hammers and they keep shooting. No need to release the button for those.
That would be a whole different weapon. And mind you, i would like to have the weapon you have in the game. But i would not like to loose the shock cannon in favor of that weapon.

I mean, i use the shock cannon with my HOTAS profiler as described above. I hold the button, the cannon fires at maximum speed till i release the button, ammo runs out or the capacitor is drained. But it also quickly adds up spread and creates heat. So to be effective, i have to have fire discipline. Hold fire till I am sure to be to be on target. Check heat before firing, to make sure not to boil myself. It's a skillcheck. It's quite different to Multi-Cannons, where i don't mind to hold the trigger a second early. Even if i miss some shots, the weapon just keeps firing. It doesn't overheat me or drain my capacitor and has enough ammo in the weapon so missing a few shots doesn't matter. That's easy mode, it is highly effective while requiring less control and thus less skill than the Shock Cannon.

So as long as i use Shock Cannons properly, understand the distance to the target, know how much i can allow the spread to ramp up and apply trigger discipline, it's a good weapon. (Although it actually is not better than MCs for me, due to MCs also delivering good damage while being so much more forgiving. And then the MC has plenty of ammo while the SC will run out after a few kills. )

Thus i think that the weapon should not be turned into something completely different. It should get the "fires at full speed when holding the button" built into it, to make it useful for everybody, without giving those with trigger scripts an advantage. It could be reasonable to give it a little more punch, to provide an incentive to use and learn how to use it. The low ammo pool will still limit it strictly, but being a more potent burst weapon would make it attractive for some setups and fighting styles. That all being said, it should not be converted into the weapon described above. That weapon should rather be implemented seperately, so we'd have both options available.
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So we should all spend hundreds of dollars to buy new joysticks? At this rate, our joysticks will be broken in no time.
Even some of the cheapest joysticks support macros - you do not need to pay a lot to get that functionality. Some even have an auto-fire feature built-in.

@OP: There is no real reason why you could not use multi-cannons.

However, the Shock Cannon is rather unique in that it is a rapid fire single shot weapon - not sure I would want that changed that to be fair.
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You can use TARGET script to do what you need using modifier(shift) keys.
A lot of people do not like TARGET as it is a scripting language, has a steep learning curve and there are not a LOT of examples, but it does come free with your Warthog....and I also know someone who has written a tutorial on how to do almost exactly what you want.



p.s. the bit you’re looking for is on page 3, thread #45
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However, the Shock Cannon is rather unique in that it is a rapid fire single shot weapon - not sure I would want that changed that to be fair.
Easy enough to see why to make the change. Current implementation, the skillcheck is "how fast can you click", quickly replaced by "do you have the mental capacity to use your joysticks profiling tool or something like autohotkey". See above.

Looking at ED in general, those players who don't have the mental capacity for that are weeded out early in the game. No need for shock cannons for that. So all in all, currently Shock Cannons are mostly an incentive to use a macro for this weapon.

The other application of skill on the shock cannon is to control your fire. Situational awareness and trigger discipline. Evaluate the distance, know how many shots you can afford to fire, before the spread racks up too high. This will still be true on the auto-fire version and is what should set the weapon apart from other options.
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