Setting screen resolution when in VR

First, can I get an official response to this issue?

Whenever we are in VR and reset the screen resolution to something that covers the fullscreen, shutdown, then start up again, the resolution gets reset to the VR resolution and we have to set up our screen resolution again.

Can screen resolution stay on what we set it? It's really annoying to have to redo this every time we launch the game.

Why is this important? Some of us stream and we want a full window/screen resolution to use as a video source. We may also have spectators and it's better to watch a full screen rather than a small window.

This has been to status quo for years and there has been no movement on change.

What do you think?
Actually I never understood why I have to keep a mirror when I play ED in VR. Not knowing how ED client works I cannot say for sure if it is picking resources from the VR render or not (which I think it does judging by how the reprojection kicks in when I increase the obligatory mirror screen's resolution).

It also sucks that one has to put it in fullscreen to avoid losing mouse focus when in VR. And it sucks that FD is stupid enough to not understand that many players stay because of the VR experience and consequently to not prioritize resolving usability issues like the one I described above and also rendering issues (GODDAMN line over the milky way and weird tiles in skybox) unresolved since the beginning.

Hope they do not ruin VR in 2020

To keep the foucs on the ED window when in VR, try ED-runner
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