Setting up new computer - Will PC work fine?

Hey guys, I'm about to set up a new PC using the following hardware:
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x, 16GB, DDR4-3000, DIMM 288) 3MHZ
  • Gefore RTX2070 8GB
  • Intel Core i5-9600K (LGA 1151, 3.70GHz, Unlocked)
What would you expect the game to run in which settings (High, Ultra-High) with the hardware listed above?
Decent specs, but the CPU will definitely be the bottleneck here. I would suggest to get the RTX2060 instead of the RTX2070 if you plan on playing Planet Coaster only. With that extra cash, get an i7 9700k if budget allows it. If not, the 8700k is still a fair choice. Don't forget to get a decent Z390 chipset motherboard that'll get the most out of your unlocked CPU.
Like the other user said, the CPU will be a definite bottleneck. You'll still be able to run the game fine at max settings, but at higher guest counts you'll start to notice framerate drops because guests begin to tax the CPU. I'm personally running an i7 6700 (cheaper than the 6700k) and my framerate has been good even at pretty large guest counts.
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