Several bugs that have gone ignored on the issue tracker (with video evidence)

A while ago I found a bunch of bugs and reported them to the issue tracker with very clear steps on how to recreate them. Most of these should be easy to fix.
The bugs aren't exactly game breaking, but it would be nice if they'd be fixed.
I have a youtube video showing off all the bugs and how to recreate them, the description also has links to the issue tracker reports but most of them have already expired. I thought maybe I could get some attention to these bugs here.
I don’t think they’ve been ignored, kind of an unfair accusation. Honestly they do have a lot of work and will likely get to them eventually if they can. Frontier has done a lot to try and fix the bugs that players find.
These are minor bugs that sometimes just will be decided not to fix to focus on more serious problems. Don't worry, it could get fixed one day but it's not like this should be easy to fix, let's make it our top priority.
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