Ship docks, CQC structures and other new in-game assets

I thought I'd start a new thread to try and catalogue sightings of new in-game assets such as capital ship docks, CQC structures, outposts inside asteroid fields and other new structures.

Post any sightings (including system name, location within system, nearby navigation targets and screenshots) and I'll endeavour to keep this first post updated with a complete list. I'll include the forum names of the reporters and if we can get verifications from others to confirm persistency of these then that would be good too.

I've broken these up into "Capital ships docks", "Space installations", "Megaships", "Asteroid bases" and "Surface structures" and sorted each list on system name (except for Megaships which are sorted on ship name/class) to make it easier to spot duplicates if and when the list gets long. Where screenshots or videos are available I've hyperlinked them alongside the description. Where citations are available I've linked them to the forum user name underneath.

Other sources of information

Cmdr Evolution's excellent spreadsheet version of this thread (also includes distances from Sol)

Cmdr Sneaux's wonderful pictorial tour and travelogue of some of the unique station types featured in this thread.


Cmdr bAdbUd's spreadsheet of surface sites, listening posts, installations, megaships, comm's beacons, etc, etc (seems to be far more complete than my own humble little list).

Ian Doncaster's detailed installation spreadsheet

Canonn's complete list of orbital installations (contains over 100 separate installations at the time of writing)

2.3 beta update

It's currently my intention to add asteroid bases, stations inside rings/asteroid clusters and mega ship locations to this thread. I'll hold off doing this properly until 2.3 goes live (the locations might change plus I don't want to send non-beta players on a wild goose chase) but for now I'll just put some handy links here for my own future reference.

These have now been added but I'll leave this list here for a little while longer.


Capital ship docks

Federal capital ship dock - Achansa (outside Lunan Terminal) [image] [image]
Comander Danicus, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Federal capital ship dock - Airsetanoa ("military installation") [image]

Federal capital ship dock - Antobri (outside Treshchov Dock) [image]
IronAnode, CMDR Evolution

Imperial capital ship dock (Two ships under repair) - Baal (next to Oterma station) [image]
777Driver, Baton

Federal capital ship dock - Beta Hydri ("military installation" orbiting Homeland) [image]

Imperial capital ship dock - Cubeo (next to Chelomy Orbital) [image]
777Driver, Exor, jasonbarron

Imperial capital ship dock - Ditae (Langley Dock) [image]
Tim Crimson

Imperial capital ship dock - Ekono (Lundmark Terminal) [image] [image]
Diaguandri, Alec Turner

Capital ship dock (plus a number of undocked capital ships) - Facece (Topaz) [image] [image]
CMDR Endincite

Federal capital ship dock - Guaras (Klimuk Ring)
K M Butler

Federal capital ship dock - Halai (Chaudhary Enterprise) [image]

Imperial capital ship dock - Khruvandji (Consolmagno Enterprise) [image]
CMDR Mr. Boombastic

Imperial capital ship dock (two ships) - LARG [image]

Imperial capital ship dock - Lemovi (Royo Dock) [image] [image]
K M Butler, Alec Turner

Federal capital ship dock - Limapa [image]
Stone7, Toffmeister

Imperial capital ship dock - Malaikudi (Leopold Heckmann Ring)
Cmdr Endincite

Imperial capital ship dock - Mandh (Gaensler City station) [image]

Federal capital ship dock - Neits (Still Hangar) [image] [image] [image]
Eldrich Stark, Alec Turner, bAdbUd

Federal capital ship dock (plus satellites) - Parutis (Evans Port) [image] [image] [image] [image]
Trinity Star, Alec Turner, gazra

Federal capital ship dock (huge dry dock variant) - Q1 Eridani [image] [image]
777Driver, Alec Turner

Federal Repair Gantry (capital ship dock) - Rhea (Balandin Gateway) [image] [image] [image]
The New Number Two

Imperial capital ship dock - Ugrivirii (Jefferies Port) [video] [image] [image]
furrycat, Alec Turner

Federal capital ship dock - Zoqui Xuang (Hoften Enterprise Station) [image]


Space installations

Civilian Installation - Alpha Centauri B1 [image]

Huge scientific installation - Amadioha [image] [video]

Scientific installation - Atins (orbiting Atins 1) [image]
Cmdr Murf

Tourist installation - BD+22 3878 planet 5 [image]

"Comm's installation" (CQC tunnels, etc) - Belu [image]

"Joint mathematic exploration" scientific installation - CD-82 331 [image]

"Hidden Osmium Drilling" (hidden deep inside asteroid ring) - Chiboneskhe ABC 1 [image] [image]
Alec Turner

Military Installation - Coeus A3
Will Flanagan, Ian Doncaster

"Colonia Bastion" security installation - Colonia 4
Ian Doncaster

"Unauthorised installation" pirate base near planatery rings - Dain [image]
777Driver, Baton

Communications Hub "Zeta 12" - Electra [image] [image]
Panzertard, Alec Turner

Military installation - Facece Topaz [image]

Agricultural installation - Grabrigpa 2 [image] [image]

Military installation [Military] - Gridge 1 [image]

Scientific installation (hackable data and cargo) - Groombridge 34 A 4 [image]

Scientific installation - Guara 4
Factabulous, CMDR PanPiper

Panacea medical center (site of Salome's final message) - HIP 17519 A1 [image] [image] [image]
Alec Turner

Eagle Eye Four - HIP 17225 A 5 [image]
Alec Turner

Eagle Eye One - HIP 17692 A 3 [image]
Gimi, Alec Turner

Eagle Eye Three - HIP 17892 1 a [image]
Alec Turner

"Skulmoor Keep" Military installation - HIP 33368 2 [image]

Janus Corp. Medical Research Centre - HIP 106288 3 [image]

Bar 11 Parsecs (Winged Hussars CG bar) - HIP 110028 [image] [image]
rootstrat, Baton, Alec Turner

Eagle Eye Two - HR 1185 A 5 [image] [image]
Gimi, Alec Turner

Tourist installation [Tourism] - HR 6164 C [image]

Government installation (hackable data and cargo hatches) - Inti A 6 [image]
Keybuk, Alec Turner

The Drive Yards (installation with federal capital ship dock) - Irusan (45km from Bella Port) [image] [image]
mr.Gr3y, Alec Turner

Unauthorised installation (nice tunnels) - Isinor near Planet Maodun [image]

Unauthorised Installation (with 4 uplink messages and an occupied escape pod to rescue) - Istanu 1F [image] [image]
Factabulous, Alec Turner

Security installation (large prison, CQC tunnels, restricted zone, defence system turrets) - Izanagi A 1 [image] [video]
MacrosTheBlack, Alec Turner

Agricultural installation [Farm] - Kappa Fornacis Panes [image] [image] [image]
Backer #-4112, Keybuk

Hidden installation (lair of Pirate Lord Luca) - Karis AB 2 [image] [image]
Zenith, Alec Turner

"Pirate Cove" installation - Kemurukamar (near Grassman Hub) [image]
Factabulous, Stealthie, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

"Casa Sadi Capra" - Kinesi 3 A

"The New Queen VI" - Kinesi 5 [image]
Commdor, GroG79

Unauthorised Installation - Kojeara 4 A [image] [image] [image]
tomnaismith, Cmdr Shijima

Scientific/Comms installation (hackable data and cargo) - Kuntae A 3 [image]

Industrial installation [Industrial] - Lakshu A 1 [image]

Large Military installation (large gantried structure floating close to the star) - LFT 926 [image] [image]
777Driver, Trinity Star, Alec Turner

"Jailhouse Rock & Blues Bar" - LFT 926 [image]
Alec Turner

Large Scientific Installation (hackable data but security aren't fooled by silent running) - LFT 1748 A2 [image] [image] [image]
Fishy, Fyrd Judge

Scientific installation (hackable data and cargo) - Lidpar A2 B [image] [image]
Chri5topher, rootsrat

Military Installation - Los A2 C
Will Flanagan, Ian Doncaster

Security installation - Mandhrithar A 1 [image]

Scientific installation (CQC structure with tunnels, etc) - Moyot (orbiting the gas giant Moyot 7) [image]

Giant Civilian installation (Long structure) - Nevermore A 1 [image]
777Driver, Alec Turner

Giant Civilian installation (CQC structure with tunnels, etc) - Ngalkin A 1 C [image]
777Driver, Alec Turner

"Leopold's Sanctum" medical installation (hackable data) - Niflhel 1 [image]

"Keast & Crighton Comestibles" agricultural installation - Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 8 [image] [image]
Commdor, Alec Turner

Eagle Eye Six - Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 2 [image] [image]
Gimi, Alec Turner

"The Sentinel" - Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 6 [image]
Will Flanagan, Factabulous

Eagle Eye Five - Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4 [image]
Alec Turner

Squirrel's Nest Bar (with 16 humorous message logs featuring some Hutton Trucker in-jokes, etc) - Pleione 4 [image] [image]
Baton, Alec Turner

"The Golkonda" military installation (trespass zone) - Polevnic [image]
Will Flanagan, Factabulous

Unauthorised installation - Rahu (over the rings of Rahu 1) [image]
The New Number Two

Military Installation - Randgnid 4
Will Flanagan, Ian Doncaster

Halley Installation - Ross 690 [image]

Massive "scientific installation" (CQC structure with tunnels, etc) - San Tu 4C [image] [video]
Cmdr Endincite, Alec Turner

Tranquility's Stop space bar - Shrogea MH-V E2-1763 [image] [image] [image] [video]
Cmdr Serge Sparrow, Cmdr Shijima, Skoomer

Gefjun's Claim - Synuefai LX-R D5-28 [image] [image]
Saool, Lightspeed

Tir Research Labs (scientific installation) - Tir A6
Ian Doncaster

Civilian installation [Bar] - Thrutis A 2 [image]

Unauthorised installation - VESPER-M4 near planet Slough [image]

DaMorgs Bar and BBQ - Wangal A 5 [video] [image]
Vasious, Alec Turner

Warkan comms installation (hackable data) - Warkan 1 [image]

Agricultural Installation - WISE 0855-0714 5 A [image]

Medical installation [Medical] - Zelano A 4 [image]


Cmdr "Keybuk" Scott's separate list

Buckyball Racing Club presents "Tunnel Vision" (an installation race from 25.02.3303)



Note #1: those tagged as "moving" have an itinerary of flight operations listed in the linked Cannon website. The location given in this thread may not always be up to date so you should double check prior to heading on out there!

Note #2: as the Thargoid attacks on human space continue a significant number of new "attacked" megaships are being added to the game. For now at least I'm not planning on tracking these here (sorry) but Sinister Hedgehog has been maintaining his own spreadsheet list of these which you can find here: attacked megaships

"Acropolis" megaship (dockable) (moving) - Assinda [image]
Commdor, Baton

"ACS Overwatch" (dockable) - CF 16001

"AIE Anzac Honour" Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel - Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 11 [image] [image]
Commdor, Alec Turner

Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048 (attacked) - HIP 17692 A 3 [image] [image]
ExoForce, Jmanis, Alec Turner

Alcatraz Class Prison Ship SSC-852 (not dockable) (moving) - Milscothach 1 A [image] [image]

Amaethon Class agricultural vessel BTA-011B (attacked) (missing?) - Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 4 A [image] [image]
Darkjayson, bAdbUd

Aquarius Class Tanker ALF-895 (attacked) - HIP 17225 A 2 [image] [image] [video]
Jackie Silver, CMDR Evolution, Jackie Silver, MyklAtrum, Cmdr 2301

Aquarius Class Tanker KGD-684 (moving) - Maya

Aquarius Class Tanker KTF-895 (moving) - Robigo 1 (also: Ceos/Sothis/Almagest) [image]

Aquarius Class Tanker OND-524 - Ondi 7 [image]

Aquarius Class tanker WKS 559 - California Sector BA-A E6 4

Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship TIH-562 (moving) - Gurney Slade (next to Birmingham) [image] [image]
Astaldor, Hercules

Bellmarsh Class Prisoner Ship DLV-812 (moving) - Pohnpet 2 A [image] [image]
Cocalarix, 274 Below

"Blazin' Dynamo" - Kemurukamar (near Grassman Hub) [image]
Factabulous, Stealthie, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Bowman Class Science Vessel RKHU01 (moving) - PLAA AIN FF-Z D76 [image]

Bowman Class Science Vessel ZZW-101 (not dockable) (moving) - Asgaa [image]

"Cave Johnson Memorial Science Lab" Lowell Class Science Vessel (moving) - Irusan 2 (near The Drive Yards installation) [image] [video] [image] [image]
Jackie Silver, Alec Turner

"The Cete" (Professor Melville's megaship) - Col 173 Sector LJ-F C12-0 [video] [video]
Ecthelion, apat2000

Collionson Class Asteroid Ship (not dockable) - Gateway [image] (gone?)
Voubi, AlistairHope

"Damask Rose" (dockable) - Centralis A 7 A [video]
Ian Doncaster, bAdbUd, Wishblend

Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel DGL-436 (moving) - Olgrea C 7 [image] [image]
soddish, Factabulous, Jackie Silver

Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel HXO-889 (moving) - Almagest 4 (also: HIP 8396/Takurua/Robigo) [image]

Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel KSL-8778 - Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-57 A5 [image]
Jackie Silver, Cmdr Evolution

Dionysus Class agricultural vessel DSL-327 (moving) - Nyx (near Ali City) [video]

Dionysis Class Agricultural Vessel FGK-342 (attacked) - Synuefai LX-R D5-28 1
Factabulous, ZxTool

Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel GTP-8846 (dockable) (moving) - Sothis

"Dove Enigma" (dockable) - Colonia 3 A [image] [image]
Commdor, Greytest, NW3

"Dyonisus" megaship - HIP 17044 [image]
Commdor, SaliVader

"Fishers Rest" (dockable) - Aldebaran [image]
ape808, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

"Foster Terminal" (dockable) - Coeus (near Colonia) [image] [image] [image] [image]
ZioYuri78, Cmdr Shijima

Freedom Class Survey Vessel CTC-023 (not dockable) (moving) - Rohini (also: Gandharvi/Kashyapa/Colonia

Freedom Class Survey Vessel MRM-629 (not dockable) (moving) - Almagest 8 (also: Sothis/Robigo/Takurua/HIP 8396/Ceos) [image]
Commdor, bAdbUd

Freedom Class Survey Vessel PNF-542 (not dockable) (moving) - Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31

Freedom Class Survey Vessel SFCT-001 (moving) - Asellus Primus 2 (also: Alpha Centauri, LHS 3447, Eravate, Conneda) [image]

"GCS Sarasvati" (Thargoid lookout station) - IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-16 A 1A [image]
Smarty 771, edd

"Gnosis" Canonn Research megaship (moving) - Witch Head Sector DL-Y d8 [image] [image (new paintjob)]
RedWizzard, CMDR Evolution

Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42 - HIP 18077 [image]

Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship MKZ-892 (moving) - Tikurua (also: Colonia/Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31/Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10/Rohini)
Ian Doncaster, bAdbUd

Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship MSZ-405 (moving) - Avikarli 1 [image]

Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship QLR-562 (moving) - Ceos 4 A (also: Almagest/Robigo/Sothis) [image]

"The Harmony" (dockable) - Yum Kamcabi [image] [video]
askavir, Jon Flint

Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship ALC-339 (moving) - Itzam Nawe AB 2 [image]
Commdor, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Henry-class bulk cargo BFS-396 (moving) - Lembava (also: Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117/Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31/Colonia/Boewnst KS-S c20-959)
Ian Doncaster

Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship ALL-4659 (moving) - Gateway

Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship KAS-093 (moving) - Almagest 3 (also: Ceos/Robigo/Takurua) [image]

Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship TFD-013 (not dockable) (moving) - Oduduro [image] [image]
dynamicbob, AlistairHope, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship DAL-658 (moving) - Keiadir 3 [image] [image] [video]
Thomas Hogarth, Jackie Silver, Lance 'Spacecat' D., JonLuis69

"The Indra" (dockable) - HR 1185 A4 [video] [image]
apat2000, PanPiper

James Class Bulk Cargo Ship AAN-331 (moving) - Arikara A 5 (also: Grebegus, Dxui, Gamma Horologii, Kremovi, Kurichimi) [image]

James Class Bulk Cargo Ship LNP-723 (not dockable) (moving) - Boewnst KS-S c20-959

James Class Bulk Cargo Ship VKN-091 (not dockable) (moving) - Colonia

Lowell Class Science Vessel CMB-511 (moving) - WOLF 485A [image]
Cmdr Isokix

"Malkendorf" Civilian Cruiser (dockable) - Carini A 2 [image] [image]
Edelgard von Rhein

"The Midas" - Zeus 1 [image]
Orange Sheets

Naphtha Class Tanker FKS-981 (not dockable) (moving) - Okinura 6 [image]
lefty1117, AlistairHope

Naphtha Class Tanker HTH-082 (moving) - Robigo 4 (also: Takurua/Almagest/Ceos) [image]

Naptha-class tanker MAL-086 (moving) - Rohini (also: Skaudai CH-B d14-34/Boewnst KS-S c20-959/Colonia/Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31/Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117)
Ian Doncaster

"Noah's Rest" (dockable) - 34 Theta Geminorum 2 b

"Pandora" survey vessel - HIP 21478 planet 1 [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Riker Class Prison Ship TFL-853 (not dockable) (moving) - Imiutli [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Riker Class Prison Ship RMS-619 - Veroklist 2 [image]

Sagan Class Tourist Ship JNY-092 (moving) - Gandharvi A 4 (also: Blu Thua AI-A c14-10/Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10/Skaudai CH-B d14-34/Kashyapa/Colonia)

Sagan Class Tourist Ship TEL-121 (not dockable) (moving) - IC 1805 SECTOR AV-O C6-6 [image]
AlistairHope, Lance 'Spacecat' D., Commdor

Sagan Class Tourist Ship TLS-051 (not dockable) (moving) - Kashyapa 1 (also: Gandharvi, Skaudai CH-B d14-34, Colonia)

Sagan Class Tourist Ship VOY-438 (not dockable) (moving) - Robigo 2 E (also: Ceos/Almagest/HIP 8396/Takurua) [image]
Commdor, bAdbUd

Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship AK-302 - California Sector BV-Y C7 [image]

Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship BTG-237 (attacked) - Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 (next to The Oracle station) [image]
Prorokpl, Alec Turner

Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship ZAE-013 (moving) - Idununn 7 A [image]

Sanchez Class Science Vessel ZIG-097 (attacked) - Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 1 [image] [image]

Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship DFX-056 (attacked) - Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-5 1 [image]
Alec Turner

Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship KS-92 - California Sector JH-V C2-12 [image]

Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship ZKR-105 (moving) - Bilfrost AB 3 [image] [image]
apat2000, NazToR4

"Tiliala's Lament" - Akandinigua 5 [image]

"Vanguard" megaship (dockable) (moving) - Mentor [image] Commdor, Baton

"Victoria's Song" survey vessel - HIP 17125 planet A3 [image]
CMDR Evolution

"The Welcome Deviation" (attacked) - Kachirigin [image]

"Zurara" (The Formadine Rift megaship) - SYREADIAE JX-F C0 [image] [image]
children of RAXXLA, Cmdr EfilOne, DarkWolf79


Megaship Flight Operations courtesy of Keybuk and Canonn Research (tracking the megaships that move)

Alistair Hope's separate list


Generation ships

"Achlys" generation ship - HIP 114458 A 2 [image]

"Artemis" generation ship - Mu Cassiopeia C 1 [video]
Deonon, Factabulous

"Atlas" generation ship - Charick Drift A [image]
Cmdr Dilliam

"Demeter" generation ship - Mizuchi 2 [video] [image]
Commdor, Alec Turner

"Epimetheus" generation ship - HR 2351 4 [image]
Bro x Legend, Alec Turner

"Hyperion" generation ship - Lalande 2966 2 (7,340Ls towards Yemaki) [image] [image]

"Lazarus" generation ship - Virudnir 6 [image] [image]
NazToR4, Trinity Star

"Lycaon" generation ship - Alaunus [image] [video]
Lexic Meise, Protoenchen

"Odysseus" generation ship - Ross 859 B1 [image] [image]
Cmdr DarkShadowLYNX, Alec Turner

"Phanes" generation ship - Cephei Sector NX-U b2-0 B 5 (warning: >300kls from main star) [image]
Commdor, Alec Turner

"Phobos" generation ship - Coelachi 3/4 (head towards HIP 10229) [image]
CMDR_SWiFT_ViiZIONS, Alec Turner

"Pleione" generation ship - Hez Ur [image]
Cmdr Carbucketty

"Spear of Hope" generation ship - HIP 21654 1 A [image] [image]
Commdor, Nemaroth, Alec Turner

"Thetis" generation ship - Nefertem 6 A [image]

"Venusian" generation ship - Kitae [image]


Protoenchen's generation ships thread

Sapyx's complete guide to the generation ships


Asteroid bases

Ring Mine - 2MASS J03291977+3124572 [image] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, CMDR Evolution, Alec Turner

Big Pappas Base - Andhrimi [image] [image]

Freeholm - Artemis [video] [image] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Alec Turner

Darwin Resarch Facility - California Sector BV-Y C7 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Alec Turner

Robardin's rock - Carcosa [image] [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D., Cmdr Shijima

Station X - Crab Sector DL-Y D9 [image] [image] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Baton, Alec Turner

Medusa's Rock - Crescent Sector GW-W C1-8 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Eagle Sector Secure Facility - Eagle Sector IR-W D1-105 [video]
Cmdr PanPiper

Jack's town - Felkan [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Iris Vacations - FW Cephei [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Flaming Star Logistics Centre - Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Alec Turner

Elephant's Trunk Mine - GM Cephei [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Farsight Expedition Base - Heart Sector IR-V B2-0 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Killgore32

Sisters' Refuge - HIP 16813 A1 [video] [image]
Berecles, TankMaster, CMDR Evolution

Pirate's Lament - HIP 17519 [image] [image]
AlistairHope, Alec Turner

Blackmount Orbital - HIP 17692 A4 [image]

Witch Head Science Centre - HIP 23759 9 [video] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Alec Turner

Harvard Base - HIP 83506 [image]

Lemmy's Rock - HIP 96456 [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D.

The Den - HR 7047 [image]
Commdor, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Beta Site - Jellyfish Sector FB-X C1-5 [video] [image] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Alec Turner

Crevie's Salvo - Kinesi

Tolagarf's Junkyard - Kojeara [image] [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D., Cmdr Shijima

Attenborough's Watch - Lagoon Sector FW-W D1-122 A 5 (next to A-ring) [video] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, PanTast

Warinus - Lave [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Greg's legacy - LTT 4961 [image] [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D., IamNickMan, Alec Turner

Moore's charm - Luchtaine [image]
Lance 'Spacecat' D., Cmdr Shijima

Mammon Monitoring Facility - Mammon [image] [image] [image]
Fyrd Judge, Alec Turner

Morgan's Rock - NGC 6188 Sector LC-V C2-28 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Nolanus Raven

Gorgon Research Facility - NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y D12 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, The New Number Two

Simbad's Refuge - Nu Tauri 5 [video] [image]
Commdor, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Omega Mining Operation - Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Lone Rock - Othime

New Growth - Pencil Sector EL-Y D5 [image] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D., Alec Turner

Stargazer - Pleione [video] [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, CMDR Evolution

Orion Nebula Tourist Centre - PMD2009 48 [video]
Cmdr PanPiper

New Beginning - Rosette Sector CQ-Y D59 [video]
Cmdr PanPiper

Leif Enterprise - Run 5 [image]
Commdor, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Mitzi's Den - Runo [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Sadr Logistics Depot - Sadr Region Sector GW-W C1-22 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Hell Port - Seagull Sector DL-Y D3 [image] [video]
Cmdr PanPiper

Base Camp - Soul Sector EL-Y D7 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Lance 'Spacecat' D.

Hind Mine - T Tauri A1 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, CMDR Evolution

Sagan Research Centre - Thor's Helmet Sector FB-X C1-5 [image] [video]
Cmdr PanPiper

Observation Post Epsilon - Trifid Sector IR-W D1-52 [image]
Cmdr PanPiper, Cmdr Platinumsniper


Elite Dangerous wikia list

PanPiper's separate list


Outposts and other stations inside asteroid belts

Rho Platform - HIP 100539 [image]
Crazy Diamond, Alec Turner


Surface structures

"Lookout" military test facility - Aldhibah 1 A (lat: -12.5 / -62.2) [image] [image]
Klumpozyte, CMDR Evolution

"Communication Array Delta 69" - Col 285 Sector BG-O D6-93 AB 1 D (lat: -5.8360, lon: 177.3792)
CMDR Evolution

Medical Test Facility MIR-14 - COL 285 Sector FL-X B17-3 A 2 A (lat: -59.3, lon: -142.5) [image]

"Exploration Camp JSPR-003" - Col 285 Sector OZ-N c7-13 BC 3 A (lat: 59.3170, lon: -62.2233) [image]

"Orion's Folly" planetary "mining town" - COL 285 SECTOR UZ-O C6-9 B6 (lat: -87.04, lon: -10.52) [image]
Cannon thread, Klumpozyte

"Jackson Enterprise" - COL 285 Sector YF-M C8-8 10 B (lat: 0.3905, lon: 33.5990)
CMDR Evolution

"Planet Dave" - Col 285 Sector ZT-I b25-0 2 A

"Medical Research Base BJI-86" - COL 359 SECTOR RN-S C4-12 A 1 (lat: -23.8994, lon: -95.1066) [video]

"Exploration camp JSPR-003 (#2)" - COL 359 SECTOR RY-H D10-58 B 3 A (lat: -38.4721, lon: 89.8610) [image]

"Site 16" surface installation - HIP 83237 3 B (lat: -26.40, lon: 143.69) [image]
CMDR NeighSieger, Klumpozyte

"Dixon Dock" - HR 2551 2 D (lat: -26.08, lon: -130.82) [image] (numerous others available at the linked isokix page) [image] [video (The Hamilton Incident)]
CMDR isokix, Alec Turner, Klumpozyte

Research Facility 5592 (abandoned research base featuring a telescope) - HR 5991 planet 1 B (lat 33.47, long -2.17) [image]
Hussar, Klumpozyte

Transmitter VJS-81 - HR 6890 A1 (lat: 23.1737, lon: 97.4123)
Cmdr Evolution

"Dav's Hope" planetary mining settlement - Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23 A 5 (lat: 44.818, lon: -31.389) [image] [image]
iamgingerbear, furrycat, Klumpozyte

"Gregory's Rest" (plus crashed Anaconda) - Koli Discii C 6 A (lat: 28.5560, lon: 7.1570) [image] [image]
CMDR Evolution, Alec Turner

Landable base with biomes ("Earth's Inheritance Wildlife Reserve") - LP 339-7 planet 4 A [image] [image] [image] [image]
K M Butler

"Louis' Rest" - Pencil Sector GW-W c1-47 9 A (lat: -13.6, lon: -141.3) [image]
Mazelinho, Jackie Silver

Extraction Site V-81 - Synuefai FV-U B20-0 2A (lat: -34.0563, lon: -140.7461) [image]
Cmdr Evolution

Exploration camp C-NO4 - Synuefe JB-G B58-6 6H (lat: -22.13234, lon: 177.70647) [image] (numerous others available at the linked isokix page)
MAIN SEQUENCE, CMDR Isokix, Klumpozyte

Pirate Cache - Synuefe QA-U d4-27 A 1 (lat: 43.5393, lon: -134.2668) [image]
Main Sequence, Duedy

"Colony SN-B 86" - Wredguia JC-K C22-8 6 A (lat: -51.7, lon: -144) [image]
Klumpozyte, CMDR Evolution

Site 426 - Wregoe JI-B D13-130 1 (lat: 65.84, lon: 176.93) [image]
CMDR Evolution

Columbus Expedition Camp 14 - Wregoe VK-E C12-0 B 1 A (lat: -65,8616, lon: 32.5213)
Cmdr Evolution


INRA bases and other assets

These are being catalogued far more thoroughly in a separate thread, brilliantly maintained by aymerix over here:

INRA base #1 "Hollis Gateway" - Hermitage 4A (lat: -53.75, lon: 157.61) [image] [image]

INRA base #2 "Stuart Retreat" - HIP 15329 A 3 C (lat: -62.61, lon: -44.26) [image]

INRA base #3 "Klatt Enterprises" - ALNATH A 2 A A (lat: 4.0186, lon: 133.5426) [image] [image]

INRA base #4 "Mayes Chemical Plant" - HIP 59382 1 B (lat: 11.41, lon: 177.06) [image]

INRA base #5 "Hogan Depot" - HIP 7158 A 2 B (lat: -44.63, lon: -63.78) [image]

INRA base #6 "Velasquez Medical Research Center" - LP 389-95 7 (lat: 57.96, lon: 50.03)

INRA base #7 "Almeida landing" - Conn A 3 A (lat: 73.38, lon: 102.37) [image]

INRA base #8 "Carmichael Point" - HIP 16824 A 2 F (lat: 73.87, lon: 61.87) [image]

INRA base #9 "Stack" - HIP 12099 1 A (lat: -72.62, lon: -67.52) [image]

INRA base #10 "Taylor Keep" - 12 Trianguli Planet 1 A (lat: -51.57, lon: 130.6) [image]

COBRA JJ-386 - HIP 12099 1 B (lat: -54.36, lon: -50.36) [image]


Cmdr "Keybuk" Scott's separate list

Klumpozyte's website

There's also a whole bunch of new settlements that are being uncovered as part of the "Formadine Rift" mystery". A list of these is being maintained in the big Formadine Rift thread.

Go here ..

.. expand "Latest News and Information" and then expand "Dynasty Expedition of 3270".

And also ... a whole bunch of settlements found in the Cannon Science thread via listening posts.

Go here ..

.. scroll down a bit and expand the spoiler entitled "THE COMPLETE LIST OF PLANET'S INSTALLATIONS, FOUND THANKS TO LISTENING POSTS".


Attacked Planetary Settlements

From release 3.1 we got a bunch of new Thargoid attacked planetary settlements which make for some very atmospheric locations to visit.

The Sanctum - Etain 4 A (POI) [image]

The Profit - Etain 4 C (POI) [image]

Research Base LV 87 - HIP 17403 A 4 A (lat: -51.19, lon: 14.21) [image] [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Penal Colony BV-2259 - HIP 16217 AB 1 A (lat: -54.99, lon: 30.33) [image] [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Crashed Anaconda "Bug Killer" - HIP 16613 1 A (lat: -11.0, lon: -95.6) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Mining Facility, Site 94 - HIP 19284 A 2 D (lat: -19.06, lon: -99.45) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Betterton Outpost - HIP 19792 C 2 (lat: -24.70, lon: 6.55) [image] [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Comms Facility 89563 - HR 1172 A 5 B (lat: -0.25, lon: -67.67) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Dominic's Corner - Pleiades Sector GW-W C1-15 12 A (lat: 5.55, lon: -115.70) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Research Base KG-3362 - Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-17 A 1 (lat: 58.11, lon: 19.45) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Sharpe Works - Pleiades Sector IC-U B3-1 1 (lat: -4.95, lon: -85,7) [image] [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

Scrump Landing - Pleiades sector JN-S B4-3 2 (lat: -0.345, lon: 12.92) [image]
Nicou, Alec Turner

These have also been admirably documented over on the Canonn website ..

Detention Centres

With the launch of Beyond 3.0 a whole bunch of new dockable "detention centre" megaships have been added to the game. I might consider cataloguing these in the future but for now I'll simply re-direct people to the ED wiki page that seems to list most of them.
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Do those pirate bases spawn a fair ammount of wanted NPCs? Is it finally an alternative to RES hunting?


They spawn wanted NPC's, haven't RES hunted in a while. The security uplink is disabled around the pirate base.
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The Scientific Installation spawned tons of NPCs, a fair amount of them wanted. Felt like nav beacon type of spawn, with wanted ships scanning you for cargo and police ship patrolling.
Added new planetary "mining settlement" which has turned up in the Canonn thread. Also re-formatted the OP to include links to original citations and images where available.
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Thanks for this list! Do these stations show up on the system map panel, or are they near other space stations?

Haven't actually had the time to investigate any of these myself yet (see my signature) but some of them (e.g. the capital ship docks) appear to be right outside space stations while others (e.g. fishy's "scientific installation") appear to be a navigation targets which would presumably appear in the navigation panel.
Thanks for this list! Do these stations show up on the system map panel, or are they near other space stations?

Mine came up directly on the nav panel, but I haven't tested from how far. Not sure if they'll show up system wide like a station or are proximity stuff like RES or CZ.
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Not found by me, Jefferies Port in Ugrivirii has an Imperial capital ship dock.
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