Horizons Ship/ SRV menu is super annoying for Face Track ( and probably VR) users.

First of all sorry about my broken English.
I use a 3p Face track and I have noticed that I should not move my head while fighting in Horizons. Why?
If I move my head down the Ship/SRV menu pops up locking my guns and I have to look up again to be able to shot again. This is super annoying.


My suggestion to fix this issue: When the hardpoints are deployed the Ship/SRV menu should no longer exist.
In controls settings you can make it so the panels don't appear if you look at them, they'll only show up when you press the key bound to open them. I have them all set to not show when I'm using headlook and just use 1-4 to access them. Nice clean canopy to gawk out of.
I was looking to this option before I post and to be honest I could not find it. Thanks for the reply. I will check for this option again :)
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