Show pics of you playing with yourself... via multicrew!

One pips is a lot in combat.
And why only in PG? It's a bug or something?
There's currently a bug with epic accounts not being able to crew with... other accounts. (not sure on epic to epic?)

Anyway, you can get around it by using the crew search function - you dont NEED to be in a private group to do it, it just makes it easier, as you and the other account will definitely be the only ones looking to crew up, works in open though, I managed it with three accounts all in a crew (two frontier, one epic)

This is from open.
To be honest, it's a bit of a faff - If your machine can handle running three versions of elite at the same time (mine... sort of can but.. I mean, the frame rate drops... a LOT) then it's not too bad, because you can just switch windows and stuff to remove/reform crew (can't use outfitting, change ships, etc with a crew, which is DUMB by the way!)

But if you are running on multiple machines?
As I say, bit of a faff to keep doing that.
I had a go a few months ago making Operation Ida runs with CMDR Raiko flying and CMDR 'Fat Tony' Lonnigan as co-pilot for fun, running on the same machine. I put the main account on "Medium" settings and Fat Tony on "Low" which fixed most of the frame rate problems.

It was fun actually having two seats filled in my Type-9, but still had issues. I think I caused a bit of elastic banding at the repair station playing in Open - might not have been me as it was very flaky anyway at that time, the second account also often disconnected during hyperspace jumps.

As you say, it is a lot of faffing, I'm not sure that I'd use if for anything more complex than cargo runs, mining and perhaps missions.

I really hope that FD eventually allow NPC crewmembers to appear in the multicrew seats. Maybe with Odyssey at some stage, as they're planning to finally have NPC interaction (I think).
And please, FD, let them smile ... maybe react to little icons we type in, such as :) ... or .... 😬 .... or even :p .... or if I try telling them the same joke multiple times .... :rolleyes:
Don't worry - I'm sure we're getting emotes alongside the oft requested dance moves. Gonna be awesome!
Multi Crew? One of the best jokes in ED so far,do someone still bother? Be warned if you land in Multicrew you will have a bycicle instead of the SRV for surface travels. ;)
PG works because you can be sure of being the only person looking for crew and joining. In open, it might work, but you're just as likely to get a random joining.
Does work, and yes, you'll get randoms.

But, you just keep kicking them till you have the crew you want.
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