Shunosaurus and other future dlc wishlist

For future content I would love a Cenozoic pack, as for the hybrids give the three from the first game for free but give us Spinoceratops, Ultimasaurus, velocirapteryx, and paradeinonychus as pdlc, and with the hybrid dlc they could do a Mantah Corp expansion showing Dr Wu and his connection to the company do to the fact that one of Mantah Corps mercenaries helped Wu, then they can add brad ranger outposts, brad x paleo medical facility the missing skins tree house hotel Jurassic symbol rock decorations camp Cretaceous jeep skin ex., as for the Cenozoic pack Meg, Smilodon, Mammoth, and Argentaivs would be my choices, and Shunosaurus a smaller sauropod with its clubbed tail , Microceratus,Microraptor, and Ornothomimus with feathers of course for an smaller species pack, and throughout the species packs they could add the obvious bug fixes, and the Kelp/sea grass/coral brushes for lagoons, a submarine tour, all terrain brushes any map in sandbox, social animations for flying reptiles as well as walking animations for flying animals, and make a toggle for first person so you can have a tranquilizer gun and flair and an option to turn off/on animal aggression towards you in first person
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