Shutdown Field Neutraliser. Does It Work?

What I usually do is when I hear the warning, I switch to the corresponding firegroup, put all pips to sys and then hold the button. The "waiting" intervall usually is, I must admit, the time I need to realise and switch^^
Always worked out for me, never failed the timing on it even once :D
In over a month of trying, still can't get it right 90% of the time. Lol

I've heard reports it could be bugged?
Anyone else thinking this?

I'm often firing it off just before the wave hits, but nothing happens.

I think mine is broken. Lol
I took down 7 Cyclops' the other week. Neutraliser worked every time, except for two occasions where it didn't, but I know exactly what went wrong in both occasions (One was fat fingering, the other was running out of capacitor in SYS)
I don't fly with one as I need the utility slots for everything else. When I hear the warning, I orient myself away from the interceptor, hit boost and disengage flight assist. Then I float aimlessly at >500 m/s for about thirty seconds.
I'm often firing it off just before the wave hits, but nothing happens.
Haven't fought Thargoids the last few weeks. But "firing it off" sounds like the problem. It has the "charging" display. You actually are immune to be disabled while the charging animation runs. If you release the trigger before the wave hits, you are unprotected when it hits.
Isn't there also a finite range?

I want to say 3000 meters so you may need to turn towards the good as you fire the SDFN.
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