Simple Guide for Unlocking all of the Guardian Tech

If your looking to unlock those then Feuermagier has made a guide here (I have not actually tried it but it looks ok)
Unlock Guardian Fighters Guide


Ok that note out the way

Thought id make a quick and dirty tutorial for unlocking the Guardian Tech

#Maps used were created by Cannon ( I just added the Green dots to more easily show where the pylons are )

# Thanks for the proofreaders Mayan Fury and DuckFather, i have corrected the system names and Reped+ (my dyslexia makes me blind sometimes)

First of all here's a quick rundown of the mats you need to unlock everything:

Guardian Components:

The two systems i used to get the blueprints are pretty close too each other:

SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4 Planet B3- For Module Blueprints -The Orb and floor panel to start the puzzle are on the Middle Of the map Far Right.
SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-10 Planet A3 - For Weapon Blueprints: The Location of the floor panel to start the puzzle is located Middle of the map Far Left (by the 2 pylons)

Before you head out
Before you go running off to these locations here's a quick checklist:

  • Are you in a small or medium ship ? (so you can park as close to the Guardian sites as possible)
  • Do you have at least 1 SRV onboard ? (the more the better i would say minimum of 2)
  • Do you have loads of Sulphur and Phosphorus (at least 150 of each) ? - You need these for refueling and rearming your SRV.
  • Do you have Point Defence Turrets mounted on the utility mounts ON TOP of your ship? (these will help with the missiles that the Guardian Sentinels launch)

Plot a course to one of the guardian sites, whatever you prefer first.

When you get there try to land as close to the sites as possible, but not too close to any of the pylons, as you wont be able to fire your turret if the ship is too close.

Collect Ancient Artefacts
(only needed if you want the extra data for the Ram Tah Missions )
First Find 2 of each of these: (you will have to relog after collecting 1 of each)
Ancient Tablet, Urn, Casket, Orb and totem, Store these in your ship (these are required for scanning the obelisks on the site).

Collect Ancient Relics
Next Find the Ancient Relics on top of the large columns (they will raise from the ground when you get near them) You will need these to release the ORB with the Blueprints when you have shot all the pylons.

Start The Puzzle
Once you have those find the where the Ball will be dispensed from and drive in front of it (if you don't do this step the pylons wont come out of the ground when you are close to them)

Find The Pylons
Drive around the site and find the pylons, so you can get a better idea of the layout (dont shoot them yet just get used to where they are, they will look like small raised triangles sticking out of the ground, you will hear them rise when you get close and they turn into pillars with an opening with a bright light inside)

Kill the Sentinels
When the Pillars rise 1 or 2 Guardian Sentinels will spawn.

The sentinels are easy to kill just make sure you have 3 pips in weapons and 3 pips in shields.
When taking on the sentinels be on a flat part of the ground and hold the handbrake, otherwise there attacks will send your SRV rolling all over the place).
After killing the Sentinels Scoop up the bits they drop.

Activate The Pylons
Now go and shoot the glowing bits in the Pylons to charge them, a timer will start, each time you shoot a pylon the timer will increase giving you more time.

Scan the Obelisks

Near to the pylons are the obelisks, scan these with the data scanner and you will get the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon Pattern Data.

Get The Blueprint
When all the pylons are charged go to the front of the orb dispenser (where you activated the puzzle) jettison an Ancient Relic on the panel on the floor in front of it, More Sentinels will spawn and a glowing Orb will appear Scan this for your blueprint.
Relog and repeat till you have all the blueprints you need.

Head to the second site and repeat

Fly back to the bubble and acquire all the non guardian materials

The reinforced Mounting plates seem only to be available at places with no large pads, so be in a medium ship and get these first.

Acquire the mission only materials next so your not flying a ship with a cargo full of goodies.

Head to a Guardian Tech Broker (use to find).

Unlock all your lovely new toys

It took me about 12 hrs gameplay to get all the materials and blueprints from the Guardian sites and another 2-3 hours to collect all the other materials.

Fly safe Commanders.
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+1 nice write up. One thing though. I didn't grab any of the artifacts when I was scanning and I was getting data. It was all gammas but I didn't need anything. You needed the artifacts for the old Ram Tah mission but not this time it seems.
+1 nice write up. One thing though. I didn't grab any of the artifacts when I was scanning and I was getting data. It was all gammas but I didn't need anything. You needed the artifacts for the old Ram Tah mission but not this time it seems.

Ahh ok Thanks for that, i will edit to reflect that :)
Nice guide to collecting the mats - as others have said the items are for the Ram Tah missions, which this is nothing to do with, so you can ignore them.
are you sure the weapon blueprint planet you mentioned (synuefe eu-q c31-10) is correct as, when entering that in the galaxy map nothing happens and a bit of googling seems to suggest that you might of meant synuefe eu-q c21-10 ?
can you confirm please as am going to follow your guide but need to go to the planet your guide is made for

many thanks cmdr
I am at the Guardian site on synuefe eu-q c21-10 and the layout is identical to your picture of the site so, unless all the Guardian sites (unknown to me) are the same it seems to be that your weapon blueprint planet should read synuefe eu-q c21-10.

Good guide though thanks for posting.
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It took me about 12 hrs gameplay to get all the materials and blueprints from the Guardian sites and another 2-3 hours to collect all the other materials.

About 15 hours doing boring stuff to upgrade your ship. I don't know any other game that has such a miserable grindy upgrade path.

I hardly ever play ED anymore because I don't have the time. My gaming time is precious time stolen from other responsibilities. I refuse to use hour and hours doing stuff I don't enjoy.

I'm in Deciat and it's being attacked by Thargoids. I wanted to fight the Thargoids but to fight the Thargoids I have to spend hours doing tedious activities. Then I read that the guardian weapons aren't good against non-Thargoid ships. So, grind and grind to get weapons that are only good against Thargoids.

Why can't I just join the military and fight Thargoids?

Why aren't upgrades unlocked through credits you get for activities you enjoy doing?
Your correct Typo on my part corrected it to read EU-Q C21-10

Thanks for the proof read :) Repped

To be fair if you just want the FSD you only have to complete the puzzle once, may have to do it twice to get the guardian sentinels to spawn for the materials
Well done for the information Dizzy B High.
Thanks for the guide, I already have my Guardian stuff but for the new Cmdr's out there this will be a great help to them and will make the grind more bearable.

Fly safe Cmdr's
Just to add my little spin on it all...

Forget about collecting Obelisk data and Sentinel scrap at the two active Guardian sites.
I mean, sure, scoop up the debris from any Sentinels you destroy and scan any Obelisks you notice but don't worry about collecting specific amounts of anything.

Concentrate on activating the Guardian machine and collecting the BP fragments you need.

When you've got all the BP fragments you need, head to Col 173 Sector QU-O D6-25. Planet 5B.

It's got a Guardian Structure site and it's got 2 Guardian Ruins sites on it, all of which show up on your Nav HUD.

Go to the Guardian Structure site and it spawns a heap of Sentinels which you can actually have some fun blasting for the mat's.
You'll have to re-log but it's MUCH easier to get the required parts 'cos the Sentinels just spawn immediately when you enter the site.

Head over to one of the Ruins sites and scan the Obelisks there to get the data you need.
They're big sites with heaps of active Obelisks and you get 2x data from every scan.

Took me two nights of "play" at the 2 active sites to get about half the stuff I needed for all the Guardian items.
Thought I'd try the 3rd site just for a change of scenery and I got all the rest of the mat's and the data in about an hour.

Seriously, don't waste your time farming Sentinels and Obelisks at the 2 active Guardian sites.
It's cripplingly slow.
Get the BP fragments and then go to the 3rd site to get the mat's and the data.

Pretty sure that's the whole reason the 3rd site exists. ;)


Oh, and for "easy mode", go in a DBX with a Point Defence mounted somewhere on top.

You'll be able to land a DBX within the limits of the sites.
Then your PD will be able to shoot down all the missiles the Sentinels shoot at you while you laugh at them.
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I just found this thread while searching for information on the Guardian tech - thanks for posting. Also thanks to Stealthie for the additional tips.

I really need the FSD boost for some of my larger ships - my Cutter being the most needy - but I'll likely move it about as needed.

Hopefully this guide and the additional information in the thread will turn this into a fun activity rather than feeling too grindy or frustrating.


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