Simple question about weather in Planet Zoo

Weather is, but I don't expect seasons.
In zoos bears don't hibernate, so I'm not sure if hibernation is a thing in the game.
But it seems like they hibernate in some of our Canada zoos.
Winter over 90 ingame days will provide a good challenge for zoo management.
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I think there might be seasons. At least in the european (?) theme there is rain and snow and I don't think the game will just randomize it.

But I don't think animals will hibernate.
Bears don't neccisaraly hibernate in captivity. They do this in the wild because food is rare. When feeded redularly in a zoo, they often do not hibernate, as it's stressful for the body to do so. However, they often have less of an apetite.
Some zoos give their bears less food in winter, so they hibernate. It comes from an old belioeve that the bear needs it, I guess.

However, pregnant bears also hibernate in captivity.
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