Slides ( 2 variant )

I have 2 ideas for a new variant type attraction :

  • A waterless version slide where visitors would slide aboard a carpet. Photo attached
  • A waterslide slide where visitors would slide on an inflatable boat to finish wet at the end. photo attached
What do you think is a good idea ?

Nice, but ain't happening, as that would require at the very least some new Peep code, and Frontier have long stopped caring about that, all we'll see added to PC from now on (IMO) is more of the same, i.e, more 'spinny/spinny re-skin' Ride DLC's, and Bug fixes, new Features, new types of rides (Maze, Sprial Slide, etc) forget it. lets see if someone bites ;)
Is that the reason why some types of rides found in RCT games are not in Planet Coaster like non ride indoor attractions like 3D cinema, crooked house, or slide type attractions like the ones pictured or the spiral slide? Would bumper boats be possible or swan boats? Would any one way type of ride like a slide be possible? I guess you’ll have to go back to RCT3 if you want a working Giant Slide and waterslides. There are some Giant Slides on the workshop but they are fake.
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Exactly, I would like that to be true and not fakes .. we have lots of attractions on rct3 that have not been added on Planet Coaster (Topple Tower - Cinema - ride water type pneumatic ect ..) I would like see all this on planet coaster ... but unfortunately, I do not think that is the goal of Frontier .. and it's a shame !
Yes, Planet Coaster is still missing rides and attractions from RCT3, but Planet Coaster was not intended to be an upgrade of RCT3. I think the way guest groups work have prevented them from making certain rides and attractions, for the hoax and wooden mouse they had to have sets of cars dispatch together because the cars only seat 2 people rather than 4. Groups can’t be split up.
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