Small, perhaps, not difficult to implement, QOL additions ...

I compiled a list of small QOL additions, that I feel wouldn't be that difficult to implement (although, I'm not a developer, so what do I know, maybe they would be):

  • New ATV and Helicopter skins
  • ATV and Helicopter idle options - ability to tell the vehicles to "wait" for a certain amount of time, similar to the timed feeders
  • Continuous first-person guest view - ability to walk around the park and "enter" the various attractions, meaning, when you get close to the monorail you have the option to see that view, etc.
  • Feeding shows and animations - For instance, a tethered goat show, similar to the feeding show in the film Jurassic World
  • Indominus and Velociraptor social gene - Allows the Indominus to become the Alpha of the raptor pack if housed together, also socialization animation similar to the film Jurassic World
  • Dinosaur count meter BY SPECIES - also, perhaps a per species count by enclosure, could be displayed in a new tab once you've selected an enclosure building, like, galleries, towers, gyroshpere, etc.
  • Ability to select multiple dinosaurs at one time for transport (as opposed to one at a time) - could be added as an additional research option
  • Fix the dinosaur clipping! I understand that this may cut down on the number of animals allowed in an enclosure, but it would be a GREAT improvement for in-game immersion
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