So.. Build, Create, Share

Hey guys just a quick thing before I post this. Hopefully someone hasn't beat me to it but if they have... Sorry haha!


So a while back I seen the Video on Youtube "Dev Diary #3 - Build, Create, Share". And I think its a great Idea, I just wanna suggest something if the Devs ain't already working on it.

So to continue the Slogan of the game with Build, Create and Share I was wondering if the Frontier Launchpad will in time, develop something within it that players can upload and share? But also to port this idea to Steam, as the Steam workshop is a great place for sharing ideas, parks and creations hence why I think the Build, Create, Share idea should defiantly go forward!

Going further into the full "Build, Create, Share" thing, it would be great for the community to (If Possible) use some software or templates to develop "Modules" for Planet Coaster. What I mean is Scenery items.. Walls, Doors, etc...

I myself would love to develop my own Scenery for the game, make it my own parks and more!

Anyways I'm sure you get the picture

Thanks guys!

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