So what is the cheat code you mentioned?

I noticed there is a sign for a Venetian Carousel ride but no actual ride to go with it, so my guess is it's for that [big grin]
Maybe they want us all to play with the new features first before playing with whatever the new cheat code reveals (if there even is one).
I don't think the cheatcode will have a big impact on the game. Not like the coaster builder in alpha 1.
There's 100% a code but they've changed the name so... Unless someone guesses it with magic I think we'll have to wait
I think it has to do with park management, because of all the new buttons, info and guests have thoughts. But it could also be a code that let's all guests jump in the air at the same time. We will see....
the next cheat code provides a balloon stall...the one after that makes people release their balloons in the air...