Some of my ideas.

Hi, I've been a huge follower of frontiers work since the early days of RCT. However I stopped playing at RCT3, but I learn a lot from the game itself, I joined the community group called "ShyGuys" and I noticed RCT3 was really pushing into the right directions with the custom content which was being made for it.

I'm not going to compare between RCTW & Planet Coaster really but this will come in the list of ideas on which you can improve upon.

1. First time I noticed the RCTW & Planet Coaster trailer and blogs, I noticed one small but major issue which I didn't like.
"Lift Hills" since playing RCT3 and NoLimits, I love making realistic coasters. It's something from a game like this need to have!

(The Only Time I'll compare)
RCTW did a major F*** up when they showcased their coaster building, It looks horrible and more accommodating towards the children which cannot built realistic coasters and mainly things which looked bizarre and strange.

Realistic coasters lifts hill either start with a small curved track leading towards a longer straight. or straight up. I noticed this on BOTH games. They have this really bad Curve at the bottom and worst of all at the very top making it very unrealistic.

If you haven't noticed "Realism is the key"

2. Planet Coasters Ride Booth - I like this feature, but I don't want every attraction to have it. I'd much prefer to see a ride operator /staff member at the entrance of the ride station or wherever we want them to be. I mean those large signs with people standing at the entrance of the queue.

Q - will this be a option to remove in the future? "example - If you want a pay one price themepark and all the rides are free"
can we have the option to remove the ride booth entrance.

3. Invisible Paths - as much as I love the pathwork and the range of freedom, I'd like to see more of a wider path which would aim more towards a realistic park. Having the option to have that Invisible and we add own textures on the ground would give us a wider variety of ideas to move towards.

4. Ride Ideas - This one needs to be a major thing!

I want to see "Dark Ride Options"
If I building a large open building.. It becomes "Dark inside"

Ride Manufacturers for dark rides to inspire from would be.. "Dynamic Attractions / Sally Corp / Intamin / Vekoma" This would give us a wide variety of realistic rides to build into our parks.

Dynamic Attractions made "Harry Potter" if we could make this ride or our own story ride. That would be incredible!

Coasters, I'll leave that one for you ;)

5. Coaster Catwalks & Supports, Option to remove them entirely.. and give us the option to build our own support layout!

6. Generic Cars for our coasters.

7. Park Entrance Invisible, give us the option to build our very own unique entrance or our recreation and creation.

Last but not least..

@Planet Coaster Devs

Please look at RCT3 CS Content, People like Moby's Supports and StationJimJr's content. etc These people made RCT3 better and without them it wouldn't of been the same as the vanilla version.

If anything, I want to see Planet Coaster exceed into the right direction and utilize all the things which were made with Custom Content in RCT3 to make Planet coaster the BEST game ever.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear your response to my ideas.

"ShyGuysWorld Member (A1EXD300 / 91AD11)"
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