Some questions after the gamescom streams

I've been watching the gamescom streams, however I have some questions and I have no idea where to post them for the Q&A session on Sunday.

- The scenery and buildings don't seem to contain any glass windows or windows that cut out of a wall. Only walls with cutouts. Are these still coming?
- In one of the earlier streams (in general, before gamescom). It was said that the genie ride footprint would be made smaller so that a path could go under it. Is this also coming? I haven't seen it yet at gamescom
- Is it possible to ask an entry fee instead of a fee per ride?
- Can the welcoming people at the start of a ride queue be disabled?
- Any plans for natural paths without the small poles? I would love them to put some other fences or walls next to them.

So far what I've seen has been really good and I can't wait for Alpha 3 to come out. I might even take a day off after it has been released
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