[EMPIRE] Space can be lonely, it doesn't have to be!

Hello, Commanders! o7
  • Are you flying primarily by yourself?
  • Do you play on the PC?
  • Would you like to share some of your experiences - within an active Discord community, with some like-minded folk who will "ooh" and "aah" over your achievements and screenshots?
  • Ever wondered what combat, trade or mining in a Wing is like?
  • Are you new to Elite and need advice, help, recommendations? Generally want to move forward in the game?
  • Are you an experienced player who is looking for A purpose? Something to belong to? That 'next' thing to do after earning enough credits & ships?
Then we are looking for you!

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Who are we?

IP3X is a small group of relaxed pilots who play Elite: Dangerous to relax and have some fun. We don't apply undue pressure on our members and there is no requirement for specific activity levels or participation in all group activities. We do things when we want, where we want. If you have a family, job or other real life commitments and can only play once every two weeks, that is absolutely fine with us. The average age of our Leadership is ~40 years old, so this isn't a group for teenagers.

We do request that our members use our Discord and can be contacted relatively easily as the whole idea of our group is that we help other members when they need it. Discord is our central hub of activity in this sense - it is there where group activities are mentioned and where people would discuss the game in general. Think of it as a permanent Elite: Dangerous chat with a bunch of like-minded (and slightly crazy) people.

We also have a 'Wing Finder' for our members, which allows you to find other people to wing up with - without the hassle of asking every person individually.

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  • Mining
  • Combat
  • Anti-Xeno
  • BGS / Minor Faction
  • Trade
  • Exploration
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Our goals & Aims

Some of us are returning players, from 2.5 years ago. Some of us are new. Our current road map is roughly as follows:
  • We'll help all members so they're able to afford carriers once released.
  • We're providing guidance and support so all members are able to unlock all useful engineers.
  • We have created our own minor faction, which frontier placed in-game for us. We have an entire group within the squadron dedicated to growing this faction, conquering stations and systems and providing experienced players with long-term activities within the game and community.
  • Exploring new activities over time, Anti-Xeno, PowerPlay, etc.
  • We're simply playing to enjoy the game. It's gorgeous, relaxing and a great way to relieve stress after a day of work. Just the fact we have people around we can chat to already makes the game a lot more enjoyable - space can be lonely!

How to join?
In #public_chat on our Discord type !join
: discord.ip3x.space

You can find us on Inara here: inara.ip3x.space

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  • Discord, Inara, In-game Squadron Membership.
  • Using voice chat is not required unless you wing up with others, but it is encouraged/appreciated as a community only works when people interact with each other.
  • Some degree of interaction with the community (chat occasionally) is required, otherwise you may as well play solo.
  • Strictly 18+ only, due to the average age of the group minors don't fit well and this wouldn't be an appropriate environment. (Your own children are welcome with the caveat that they are your personal responsibility as a parent.)
  • PC players only - we apologise to console players but as we cannot play together in-game, we've decided not to maintain a console wing of the squadron. There are many great squadrons which do, including our allies!
Thank you for listening, and fly Dangerously, Commander! o7
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