Species Behavior Request list for Frontier

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1. Velociraptors and Deinonychus should be hunting large animals inpacks in a pack of 2 or more Animals.

2.Giganotasaurus should have at least a population of 3 Animals as its maximum limit for large and medium carnivores and the coolest feature that the Giganotasaurus should have is the instinct to work with others of its own kind two slice off Flesh with its teeth on sauropods in a gang. This is a feature I hope in the future shark tooth lizards that are added to the game are included with the same feature as well when hunting in a gang against sauropods.

3.Sauropods should be able to feed without feeders, and sauropods should display their gracefulness by eating off of trees as seen in Jurassic Park films.

4.The same goes with the small and medium herbivores they should not rely on feeders to eat, it would be so much better if we could lay natural bushes for our dinosaurs to eat from using Terrain tools.

5. As another person posted before, Spinosaurus Baryonyx and Suchomimus should be Fish Eaters and occasionally hunt for fish and possibly either a pond feeder or a new feature of possibly placing fish ourselves in water so we can watch them hunt for fish naturally like they would scientifically in the wild.

6. The dinosaurs should be breeding like real animals I hope a feature of baby dinosaurs gets added to the game watching them roam around with their parents would be awesome and surpass operation Genesis if this feature was added in.

7. The small or medium Predators challenging the larger carnivores is kind of ridiculous when you think about it? I really want to see a behavior that really gives us that they're animals and medium carnivores would try to avoid larger carnivores as much as possible to avoid injury.
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I agree with some things and not with others:

1.-Totally agree. It's ridiculous that a Velociraptor hunts down an Edmontosaurus without any help.

2.-I agree whenever 3 is your maximum limit and not your minimum. All carnivores except small can live alone in an enclosure. 1 Giga can live without breaking the fence eating goats.

3 y 4.-I do not agree with that. The herbivorous dinosaurs did not feed on grass (because it did not exist at that time) and we suppose it would not be edible for them.

6.-JP and JW have always counted on females to avoid reproduction. You can not add this feature, it goes against the canon of the movies on which the game is based.

7.-Totally agree and that's something I already added to the list of ideas. A Metriacanthosaurus can not challenge a T-Rex in any way: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/448881-Medium-carnivores-should-flee-from-large-carnivores
The sauropods can eat from the trees but I still think they need to add natural plants for the terrain tools so that way we can put food on the ground for them to eat, at least that's my opinion. In operation Genesis they did Eat plants. Maybe a cool feature for the hatchery is to choose what age we could make for the Dino's, Juvenile Teenager or Adult would be awesome? U can choose either to let them grow or have them stay at that age would be awesome don't u think? Cool huh?
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