Speed Limits at Stations

The Speed Limit zones around stations should be limited to the 2.5km area with normal speeds beyond that region - leaving the "no fire zone" intact.
- Make the speed limit violations result in actual fines instead of warnings, (1000 credits), with multiple violations in the same system compounding the fines.
- Ship destructions, (the pilot's or others), should result in murder convictions and an additional penalty of 10,000 credits to the original fine with a mandatory timed, (to be determined), stay at the regional prison ship.
Is the range on a dumbfire still 10km? Haven't used one for a long time.

OP, the speed limit is there as an anti-ganking measure. It sucks, but just stick to the speed limit (or don't hit anything) and you'll be fine.
While I'm pretty loaded. I don't want the hassle of paying a 1000cr fine every time I dock and undock.
I only ever obey the speed limit at ports with loads of players.

Otherwise it's boost in and slam down. Lol
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