Sponsored Rides and Sponsored Themes For Rides

Many rides in amusement parks nowadays are able to be built or refurbished due to sponsorship from companies. Think of the Disney ride "Test Track" for example, it's major refurbishment was sponsored by Chevrolet.

What would be a neat concept is if you're short on cash but really want to build a go-kart or coaster you could seek a sponsor through marketing. Once a sponsor is found, they would allocate funds into your account and give you specific instructions on what they want. For Example, say the famous video game company "Saga" wants a water coaster based on their once popular franchise, "Ayko the Dolphin" ( The names being stupidly off-white in the game because A. copyright infringement and B. it's just funnier that way). They would give you a $7500 contract and set needs like the coaster has to blue, has to be ocean themed, and must achieve at least a medium excitement and nausea rating (or however that system is going to be). The rest is up to you to build. If you fill the needs and only use half the funds, you pocket the remaining funds. Once it's completed, a custom sign is put in front to show the theme and sponsorship, and the company decides if they like the ride and if it met the requirements or not. If they like it, they might donate money to your park or give you free marketing of some form or find better paying sponsors for you. But if they don't like it and it doesn't match requirements, they could file a lawsuit or something so you lose money, or make advertisers turn you down and make sure you don't get any more sponsors. If they really liked it, they might try to buy the rights to the ride from you so that they can give purchase your ride for other parks and pay you more and more to use the coaster/track/whatever in other theme parks.

There you go, feel free to tell me constructive criticism on this if you want to add/remove something [happy] - AJ
Well there will be a lot of ingame made up companies for different food and merchandise shops. I made a RollerCoaster dedicated to the Chief Beef the other day. Having its logo everywhere on the station. [hehe]

It was the Chief Beef Prison Ride. After you ride it you got stuck in a prison were you only can buy hamburgers. [big grin]
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Actually they've reversed that trend. There were rides "Sponsered by" all over WDW. I think one was Journey Into Imagination Sponsored by Kodak (don't hold me to that, I was a kid.) If I remember right too, the Bakery on Mainstreet was sponsored by Nestle. Unfortunately Failbucks as replaced it! God, so mad at that still.