Horizons SRV not able for purchase

Hello everybody,
having bought the Elite Dangerous Horizons DLC today, i just wanted to have a look at it and tried to buy an SRV. I am flying a Vulture ship which is equipped with a Planetary Landing Hangar, but it does not have those SRV slots shown when i go to the outfitting section being landed on a station...maybe it might be important to the subject that i have NOT bought the BETA, only the standard Horizons DLC. Can anyone of you help me?

Thanks in advance
I've tried that. I think i found the problem. My game's in German so what I might have thought of as that hangar part must have been that planetary approach suite or something. anyone know where i can get the hangar part?
Quick change: i dont have the hangar, where do i get it? can i get it in not beta version?
You can get it from most busy star ports by going into the starport menu, then choosing outfitting, internal. That is, unless your unlucky like me, you get a message when horizons starts up saying your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for horizons, but lets you carry on. Apparently, if it thinks your pc specification doesn't meet the requirements (graphics card not powerfull enough), it lets you play, but the game defaults to Elite Dangerous where you cant do planetary landings, even though it shows a new module for horizons, the one you can see. It basically prevents you from viewing and therefore buying the srv hanger thingy that your srvs go into.

If you don't have the problem with not meeting minimum specification, then from what I read, you need to make sure you pick a module slot that is class 2 or 4 or higher. If you pick a class 1 module slot, it wont show you anything that is higher than that for purchase, like the class 2 one needed for smallest srv hanger. Hope that helps.
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