Statement on Harassment

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Arthur Tolmie

Lead Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

I am reaching out to you today as I am aware of some of the comments, accusations and remarks being made towards not only my team and developers, but also other members of our community.

I understand the frustrations some of our community are feeling following the launch of Odyssey, and my team are working very hard every day to feed this back internally. At times, this work is not always seen, but our role as community managers is not always externally facing. Our role includes communicating with a multitude of disciplines internally as well as what you, as the community, see externally.

I would personally like to thank those of our incredible community who have been patient and provided constructive and useful feedback via dedicated threads, including those who have been willing to share their system data for our ongoing performance investigations.

However, it is unfortunate to see members of the community relaying their frustrations by insulting, making accusations, and launching personal attacks towards my team or other staff members. I would like to address this form of communication directly.

‘Shooting the messenger’ is no longer something I will be tolerating going forward, as these comments are actively harming our efforts to improve the experience for our community. Similarly, those attacking other members of the community will not be tolerated either.

From this point forwards, posts that attack, insult, accuse or are deemed harmful towards individual members of staff or teams, will result in a permanent ban from the channels they are posted on: forums, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This includes, but is not limited to, private messages to personal social accounts of staff members.
Remember, going forward, that those you are addressing are real people. Frustrations surrounding a video game are not a justifiable reason to attack another human being’s mental health and wellbeing.

Please help us achieve the best possible experience within Elite by focusing on constructive and useful feedback. If you are only able to share feedback filled with personal attacks, posts will simply be discarded, no matter how pertinent.

Again, I would like to thank the majority of our community already sharing feedback constructively. We will continue to present this to our development team to help bring you the best Elite Dangerous: Odyssey experience we can.


- Arf
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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