Statuary Ideas

I'd love to have statuary, here are some ideas of how they could work:

-Base game and each DLC you own will allow you to automatically unlock statues associated with them.

-All statues can be bronze for uniformity, but with color differences to make them more unique, like oil rubbed bronze, ventian bronze (goldish colored) and fully green patina or green patina colors on the bronze.

-Besides being able to rotate each statue before placement, allow us to make a mirror image of each one. For example, if a Tyrannosaur statue is looking down and to the right, a mirror image can be placed opposite of it to make a statue gateway along a path.

-Story based DLC has more statues in general and human based figures.

-Either have statues in herds/ pairs or make multiple versions of some statues to allow us to place them together (example: parasaurolophus laying down, another standing up looking around and a third walking)

-Make the statues interesting by having them in action poses like fishing for spinosaurids or in herds with each member doing something different.

Base Game statues:

-Tyrannosaur statue

-Triceratops statue

-Parasaurolophus herd

-Struthiomimus calling

-Simon Marsani statue

Deluxe Dinosaur pack

-Two Suchiomimus, one leaning down fishing and one roaring

-Styracosaurus herd

Fallen Kingdom DLC

-Two Carnotaurus

-Styglimoloch herd


Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC

-Statue of Dr Wu

-Spinoraptor Herd

-Olorotitan Herd


Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack

-Dreadnoughtus pair statues

Carnivore Dinosaur Pack

-Proceratosaurus herd

Claire's Sanctuary DLC

-Maisie Lockwood holding a door open to a cage with a dinosaur walking out statue

-Albertosaurus statue

-Euoplocephalus pair

If the Jurassic Park 93 DLC is true

-John Hammond statue

-Brachiosaurus rearing statue

-Bronze statues of people staring in awe (supposed to be Ellie and Grant when they see the brachiosaurus)

-Memorial statue to fallen employees (could look like Muldoon)

-Statue of any dinosaur released with this DLC

Thank you for reading, feel free to chip in with your ideas!

Lora Craft69

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