Status on Gnosis-related Bugs

I've been putting over 90 hours into a video series i was planning on showing to everyone about the gnosis trip but after this, im too embarrassed and worried that all my hard work into showing the cool experiences i had in elite during the trip thus far will be overshadowed by this massive up.

After today, I'm pretty sure I'll be moving onto another game. Call me a snow flake, say good riddance, what have you. But this really was a royal mess up which gave me alot of uneeded stress on top of a game that is already stressful. I don't have alot of time to play games. And when I do, its spent grinding or getting ganked. I have to suffer through hours of terrible gameplay just to experience 10 minutes of really enjoyable gameplay, only to then have that moment taken away by some bug/"feature" from fdev or staying in open where fdev fosters and cultivates a grief mentality/community.

Private groups are a show, as no private groups have their together (even if they say they do). And who wants to play in solo?

If I come back to elite, it won't be for a while... And if I don't come back, I'll reflect on some of the good times, but mainly, ill reflect on how fdev screwed their community with no real good reason. You all win. I lose. GG WP.
That isnt the issue, that is your issue. If you dont like Thargoids but insist on playing a remake of a game largely about shooting thargoids while docking at a ship going to thargoid land while being warned multiple times there are Thargoids, that is just you not thinking too much.

The leaked article and bugs are objectively bad, and people were immediately upset about it. But you not liking thargoids isnt a major issue for the community.
The deal here is not only did they insert Thargoids in there, it's the fact that the whole thing ended up focusing on killing Thargoids & nothing else.
Isn't the defense FD uses when criticized for lack on content is that players are supposed to make their own narrative? I guess that applies until they do, only to discover that personal narratives are bull and you will do as FD says you do, slave.

Someone rep this guy again.
Err, not only on the forums, but also in-game they made it pretty clear via galnet. And as a result tons of people brought AX gear before coming, or even flew back to the bubble to grab some. What exactly was going to happen was indeed not known, thats a bit of the point of such a trip. But they were pretty direct in saying:"Look, Gnosis is heading straight at a metric ton of thargoids, but canonn insists on going."
They also told us the Gnosis would go to the Cone Sector but alas, here we are.
Well that's the end of my Elite Dangerous for a couple of months....... Sorry FD this sucks.... Not what i was expecting at all. (sad face)
Not immortal, heavy fights near Gnosis right now.
Fella, in the nicest possible way, you are wrong.

I've not died, they have died. I still, did not die, they are invisible and immortal. Me, still not dead. No hard fight salt here. No misunderstanding of my environment and circumstances.

That is the, It IS what is it report.

They don't work, it's broken.

Thank you for your understanding.

basically they are saying that rather than just denying the chance of it they brought us into the storyline. WE CANT GO INTO THE CONE SECTOR YET. its part of future development...

so we got hyperdicted and wont be going there, they brought 11000 members into the midst of the official unveiling of the HYDRA.

This is a HUGE step forwards and gave us all a much bigger part of the storyline..

It is a shame it was a bit buggy, but thargoids are BUGS so its to be expected?

So did Canonn have a say in moving their mega ship to nowhere, attacked without a CG and be stranded there for a month. If they did, is this all to discover more barnacle farms in a different area in the galaxy :S
Greetings Commanders.

We are aware of several issues affecting Commanders located at the Gnosis. The team are actively investigating and addressing these issues, so if you encounter any related to the Gnosis and the Thargoid attack, please report them here.


  • The Interceptors that were causing shutdowns and destruction have been moved further away from the Gnosis, addressing player complaints of being destroyed before leaving docking pads.
  • The Gnosis' controlling faction is no longer issuing fines for fighting within its No Fire zone. Commanders are urged to defend against the imminent alien threat. Be warned, shooting at the Gnosis will result in fines.
  • For those Commanders who have found themselves detained further away, please contact our support team who will be happy to move you back to the Gnosis, should you wish to be…
Thank you for your understanding!
My commander Del Engersol was attacked at 21:52: xx game time while still on the pad having chosen to move her explorer away from The Gnosis. Fortunately, was in solo and only one thargoid, a scout I believe, was in the area, so was able to escape out.
Seen this too! Got some video of them but not had a chance to report it yet. Invisible scouts, some got stuck in space and some never emerged fully from the FSD anomaly.

Been having issues with invisible scouts with no hit detection at all also. Jumping in and out of super cruise worked for me. Not ideal, but hey ho.
On Playstation 4, 95% of the Thargoids around Gnosis are invisible all the time, which gives players a huge advantage atm.

I killed 36 marauders in a row because of that and got almost no damage myself.
Scouts still going invisible and invunerable when the instance gets busy with players .... then to add insult - I get a 100cr fine for ? (wasn't even pointing in the direction of the Gnosis or anyone else when it came up) - insta gibbed by Gnosis and sent halfway across the Galaxy for my crimes..... sheesh - for only the second time since beta I have put in a ticket for that one - I can afford the loss and it's only 35 jumps back (not sarcasm - I can do that standing on my head), more the principal of the thing. (plus I have survived direct station fire in the past and gotten away - this - was 100 cr fine... boom, guessing lag playing a part)
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