Stranded: Alien Dawn - New Update Coming 25 April 2023

Lydiah Moon

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Hello Survivors!

We are incredibly excited to announce our fifth free update, coming out alongside our 1.0 release on 25 April, 2023. The update adds a brand new scenario to play through, featuring a unique narrative setting, with even more challenges to overcome and a new end goal, another new survivor, plus more achievements. In the Military Outpost scenario, a team of adventurers, scientists and soldiers are sent to a heavily infested planet where they will construct and defend a communication relay that will enable interstellar communication in the sector. It's an ugly planet. A bug planet! A planet hostile to life, far from the nearest civilized galaxy.

Also coming in this update: new items and recipes, several quality of life updates, and bug fixes!

As always, we want to give a huge shoutout to everyone who's been sharing feedback and suggestions on our forums, on social media, or on our Discord server. We really couldn't do this without you! Don't forget to join us in our upcoming livestream on 19 April, where we'll be showing off what you can expect in this new update together with the developers from Haemimont Games.

Would you like to know more? Then read on, trooper!

Military Outpost Scenario

A squad of up to 6 team members are dropped on the unexplored world, with a mission to build a new Ansible Relay. Once built, the relay must be protected against waves of hostile wildlife with increasingly greater and more powerful numbers. Luckily, the squad is geared up and prepared for anything! Equipped with knowledge of a wide range of different technologies, they have plenty of defensive options ready to go, from force field barriers to automated turrets. If the offensive approach is more your thing, the new high-powered mechs are guaranteed to add some extra firepower.

The overall objective of the scenario is to build and defend the new Ansible Relay. Increasingly intense waves of attacking wildlife will come work their way towards your base, but defending against them isn't the only challenge you'll have to face. The Ansible Relay requires a robust electrical grid to support it, so make sure you have enough working batteries and generators! Shrieker nests will also be a more significant problem than in previous scenarios, and shouldn't be left alone for too long.


New Buildings and Devices

With this update and scenario being primarily focused around combat, we're adding new Carbon fortifications and gates, which will provide an even stronger defense against the encroaching hordes of wildlife. If that's not enough, why not set up some new Force Field Barriers, an electricity powered form of fortification that provides the ultimate defense against your enemies. These new barriers will be available in all scenarios.

If dividing and conquering is more your thing, we recommend giving the new Siren device a try. This set of loudspeakers will attract enemies towards it, making it easier for you to lure them into specific traps and firing corridors. Combine Sirens with turrets, flamethrowers, and other defensive items, and the attacking wildlife won't stand a chance.

Food and basic materials will be essential when building your military outpost and the two new buildable fabricators might make surviving a little easier. The Food Fabricator makes it possible to create meals without the need for ingredients, as long as the device is powered, and can create the same meals as a regular cooking station if you've done the correct research. Your Material Fabricator lets you create items like Wood, Stone, Metal Alloys, Liquid fuel. & Silicon, which can be used for building and crafting.

Get Ready for Mech Support

Strap in, survivors, because we're adding some new hardware to Stranded: Alien Dawn: two types of robotic mechs! These will be available in all scenarios and can be a valuable asset in any combat situation thanks to their mobile and offensive capabilities. Once you've met the prerequisites, both Light and Combat mechs will be available for you to build. Both will require a minimum Combat level to operate, and both can use their powerful legs to leap over obstacles and tactically reposition themselves in combat.


The Light Mech comes equipped with a single machine gun, while the Combat Mech comes equipped with both a machine gun and a missile launcher in its arsenal. These will greatly increase any survivors' combat ability, making them a force to be reckoned with during attack and defense. Mechs are great for taking down Shrieker nests, for example!

A New Survivor

As in previous updates, we're adding a new survivor to Stranded: Alien Dawn with this new update. Our new survivor is a former spec-ops commander who's also experienced in training and supervising other soldiers. Her ability to improve the skills of others could be vital on the battlefield. You'll meet her very soon, so stay tuned to our social channels!
As we mentioned before, there are more quality of life updates, and bug fixes, coming in this update, so keep an eye out for the full patch notes coming on 25 April. As always, we want to thank everyone in the Stranded: Alien Dawn community for all your support, feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.
There are more details to come about the new update, so don't forget to join the Stranded: Alien Dawn Discord and you'll never miss any news! You can also follow the game on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or join the discussions on Steam and the Frontier Forums. On 19 April at 4:00pm GMT, the community team will be joined by developers from Haemimont Games for a run-through of the new scenario, and the rest of the new update on Twitch and YouTube. We'll see you there!
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