strange NM réflexions

hello evrrrryone, I want your help!
when I make a model tith _BC and NM, the model have a strange blue light reflection. I can see that when I have a black or dark texture.

You can see beter if you download the model ingame. ptiyoshi1 or search splatoon or mario or peach.

nobody have an exemple of all texture uv bc nm rg ext... because I don't know what is _TRMm_shoesclearparts_trm.png or _THCm_shoesclearparts_thc.png (and convert texture for planet coaster)

THank you~~~~
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that result is normal. because the tmtk is using modified PBR textures, in your compile you left out a few important controls. with only a BC and a NM your telling the compiler your texture should be matte with a glossy reflection. Id recommend adding a solid white RN map and a solid black SP map. For zero roughness, "smooth surface" and zero specular "no shine/reflective surface." ;) Id recommend looking into pbr textures and check out Ms.RedNebula video tutorials on PBR textures for tmtk.
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