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I have 2 questions that I think I know the answer to, should know the answer to.

When I've finished bashing some pirate up, I'm collecting the mats, to recharge my shields more effectively, I need to fill the System PIPS, right?

If I have used synthesised ammo, I'm now about half full, maybe a third, If I reload in a station, I lose that bonus ammo, right?

Thank you in advance for answering me and mocking me.
1) Shields will recharge at fixed speed long if there is power at SYS pip, you can check at module stats how many mj/sec are rechargin. Having 4 or 0 pips does not affect speed recharge at all, you just need power at SYS that is being drained to keep up with recharge. Also, at supercruise, recharge speeds are doubled.

2) Premium ammo bonus lasts until reload at station. So youre right, once reloaded by station, you will need apply premium again to have its advantage.
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A|nyone know the answer to this?

Also if I'm wanted in that system what happens if i use a different ship?
If you are wanted you can change ship as the ship carries the wanted raring.
If you have notoriety that stays with you not the ship and takes 1hour of playtime not real time to clear 1 point. So a notoriety rating of 3 will take 3 hrs of play time to clear even if you swap to a non wanted ship.
Modules carry the wanted rating of the ship they were on and cannot be installed into clean ships unless you clear any wanted rating with them on board the original wanted ship.
I like the idea but (as-is) the Chieftain has no size 7 internal slot. To add one, you'd end up reconfiguring the whole internal layout because the ship's size isn't changing (presumably). Again, I'm not knocking the idea but there is probably a limit for mods that one could make to a ship's internals without becoming too unrealistic in terms of what would be feasible.

As an example I could say: please put that 5.7 liter, 350 cubic-inch V8 engine into my Yugo. All you have to do is increase the size of the engine compartment on the car. Just take the space away from something else in there.

...and the Chieftain RS had better come with fuzzy dice! :)

Why not? And why stop at one... :D


Has anyone seen a city in this game? I havet played long. LORD knows I havent even touched the tip of exploring. That being said has anyone seen a city on a planet???

Why are there no settlements on ELWs??
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Not a thread for open vs solo, grind debate etc

Mine: do massacre missions still stack? I have a faction offering two missions targeting same system and same faction, one for 16 kills the other for 42 kills. Can I combine them or will I have to kill 58 in total?
58 total
The trick with pirate massacre missions is to find a system or two that has multiple factions offering the same kills, for the same pirates, in the same system. Then they do stack.
I currently have 9 factions (yes 9) across 2 systems, offering massacre missions for the same targets. Works out at around 5M per kill. Tidy!
1) Can you really flare a missile with a heatsink? I can't manage!

2) Attacks auto-resolve you to the target. For missiles and mines, is this still true? Does it happen when you lock (where applicable), when you fire, or when you hit?
When mining, you fire off a prospector limpet, if you then go straight to contacts, it appears in the list but I cant work out why it appears in the list the way it does. What I mean is, you might also have a number of collectors hanging around, waiting to go to work, and there prospector can show up anywhere in the list.

It's not done alphabetically.
It's not done on distance.
I'm pretty sure it isn't done on the life expectancy because, well I won't explain but basically I have been keeping an eye on it,

I cant work out how that list is prioritised.
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