Sub-Zero Super Parks Competition!

Merry Christmas everyone (or happy hannuakah, or kwanza) Happy holidays to whatever you celebrate! have a wonderful day everyone!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Same as INDEMIX, I'd like to know if it's okay to use TMT items? (Or if not other peoples' TMT items, what about ones we create ourselves?)
TMT items are fine to use, as long as they're not from another IP! [yesnod]

is it oke to use royalty free custom music?
You can use royalty free music, as long as it says you're allowed to use it in this format. If you're unsure, don't use it. Better safe than sorry! [yesnod]

Really looking forward to seeing all the parks! I have a feeling this will be my favourite competition yet! Hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday period [heart]


Volunteer Moderator
Here are the 4 winners of the Sub-Zero-Super-Parks competition that were featured on the livestream today (in order of appearance):

North Star - a magical winter park
by Anigmandra

Wonderland - A Festive themed park
by 8-Bit Josh

CHRISTMAS TOWN - A winter christmas park
by Lily

The Spirit of Christmas
by Chant and Wikz
Note: Read the description for the story behind this park and the ride, including a link to custom audio with the narrative. Ride it in night-time, Seat 2, and remember to MUTE all sound effects.
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