Subscribed parks not showing up in Downloads Menu - HELP!

So, my friends share parks with me secretly on the workshop by keeping them hidden but adding me as contributor. I accept the contributor invitation and subscribe. For FIVE MONTHS we have been doing it this way and suddenly this week the parks no longer show up in my downloads menu. WHY? They show up for them when I share parks back but their parks no longer show up for me. I have verified my local game files and that didn't help.
We did. They suggested deleting all of our subscribed stuff and resuscribing as a temporary fix. Seriously NOT going to unsubscribe from hundreds of things we've collected for our project and try to find them all again.

The problem seemed to fix itself a few weeks back with an update. But as of a couple of days ago, it's back. Toolkit items, blueprints, and parks we subscribe to just never show up in the game menus. What in the world is going on with the game? Are they working on something? Why change stuff at this point when it was working fine for so long???
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Funny, I reported the exact same thing about a month ago, and never heard anything. Further, if I subscribed to something new, it would not show up.
Two of the best park makers are having that problem. I had it too. I think you have to wait for the parks to come back or it might be a problem on Steam’s end. If I lost all my subscribed parks and blueprints I’d probably go mad.
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