Suggestion for PlanCo or for PC2: Awards as per scenario basis

We have these gamewide achievements that are connected to Steam. These are nice.

But what I would think bring back RCT style award, but make it more of PlanCo:

Awards per park.

You would be given awards like in old RCT, for most beautiful park, for best food, for worst toilets, etc... You know the spiel.

But to make it more Planco-specific it could be given only once, and you would collecct the award as cute icons/symbols on the main park panel or something. The positive ones add to good reputation, and the bad ones add to... yes you get it. Or not.

Another way is to connect it with the Challenges, doing them you get award.. Or something.

Whatever, I miss the old awards, simple as that. ;)

What do you think?
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