General Gameplay Survival Mode (Expanded Challenge Mode)

With some of the things that came out of recent things about survival and multiplayer that, I think, Swrve had a video a bit ago about, an idea kind of hit me.

Basically an expanded challenge situation with a leaderboard.

You'd have the maps and requirements that ramp up...perhaps at a steady pace or perhaps using other things for fees and disasters that would slowly increase until the park would, eventually, be impossible to continue with. Different things could grant or deduct from a point score such as dinosaur diversity, duration you've lasted, income generation, casualties, and the like. Much like with challenge mode, it would keep getting harder to handle as you're forced to deal with the fees, but instead of it being tied to income, they would ramp up over time and continue until you're making nothing (and possibly put you in the negatives). And having either separate boards for each difficulty, or a multiplier there.

Perhaps this could be expanded using the mission system and updates similar to the Stegosaurus one from last year. You could have a bunch of skins and such that could be unlocked if you score over a certain amount on a survival run, and have a different, resetting, survival board that cycles every week or two. With different skins as the rewards for it, or even have a "Skin Shop" where you can exchange points for the skins of choice that are available with it. This could also allow some "seasonal" skins for various dinosaurs...something like skeletons of some as skins with a Halloween based one (T-Rex and Gallimimus being a must for that due to the early CG tests from the original Jurassic Park that were shown in several of the making of documentaries), possibly expanding it to unlockable decorations tied into the seasons as well.

Hell, it might work to even let people see the DLC maps, perhaps with a score penalty if the survival park for the week would be one of the DLC ones that you don't own.

It could also be a good way to utilize the platform specific vehicle skins from the pre-order for the other platforms, potentially also the ankylosaurus...they could be expensive options, but they would still be something I'd love to have available (I have the PC pre-order, and the only modern console I own is my Switch...). (Especially if the game would also be updated so that you could assign different skins to different vehicles)

This would also be bringing people back to the game and draw in some of the more competitive players.

Further, there could be other limitations put into them, such as only certain dig sites available and/or dinosaurs for further potential restrictions to up difficulty, or even limitations on DNA% allowed for what you have...or other disasters (Gene bank data corruption, all survival rates are at -X% during incubation)
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