Synthesis & SRV refuel and restock

So here I am out on an expedition no where near a station (to my knowledge, I have no idea on how to figure out where they are in the galaxy) and my SRV is out of ammo and down to 18% fuel.

Now in my inventory in the synthesis tab I have the materials to refuel & restock my SRV, but when I select refuel it says "SRV required"...yet I do in fact have a SRV. I can synthesize other things for my ship, but why not for my SRV? What am i missing??
Actions generally apply to the vehicle you're currently in. Even though the SRV is docked in your vehicle, you're not able to interact with it unless you launch in it. I've noticed when docking at a port, the SRV auto-restocks itself as I land, so even the station services restock applies only to the ship, never to the SRV itself (but possibly to the SRV bay, if one was destroyed and needs to be replenished in the inventory).
Yea, this is one of those times where I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer...I can at least admit that. Simple explanation to a rather simple situation.
There are a number of these ... idiosyncrasies of UI design that us oldies can think are obvious (but they aren't) - always worth a google as ones like this seem pretty well covered by past threads :)
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