Discussion TELEMETRY API ... possible via DLC?

Hi there - since so long time a couple of users request a specific support regarding implementation of a telemetry API to ED. Dear FRONTIER TEAM, would it be possible to get a small reaction on it? Is it maybe possible via another KICKSTARTER event or via a payed DLC (as I do respect to get paid for work done). Thanks for your support!
I'm also a simulator fan - a kickstarter baker of a new simulator in 2018 - elite player since 12/2014

The simulator that I supported in 2018 was released in Q4/2019 - I will get my one in the Q1/2020. My dream is to play Elite Dangerous as real as possible. It would be sad if this dream ended because one of the best games had no stable telemetry data. Please give us this option in a stable version - I would also like this API ... Please make this experience possible for us. Thank you very much.
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