textures question

Can I apply the texture in the blender or do I needed to just put them in a folder and export the model without textures on it already?
You put the textures in the same folder as the .fbx.
The texture must have the same name as the material you assign to the mesh.
Basic Workflow

-> Create your model
-> Create material for the model (No textures)
-> UV unwrap model and then export UV map
-> Edit UV map in favorite image editor
-> Create LOD's (L0 - L5)
-> Export model as .fbx
-> place .fbx file with the texture files in one folder. Texture files must be named like your material - for instance if you named your material IRON then you need to name your texture files IRON_xx (more infos here: https://thememakers-toolkit.planetcoaster.com/user-guide/materials)
-> zip all the files and then upload to the TMT

I hope this helps :D
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