Lately, I've seen many Thargoid posts and I am wondering can you actually see them in-game? Read about them on Elite Wiki and it just says how they look and about Thargoid wars.
Yup, head a system which is under attack, or just Maia, and look for Non-human Signal Sources. :)

Some are immediately hostile, others are curious, but like their space. But they'll warn you to back off.
Quite interesting to see how they react.
I finally got interdicted by one near Maia a couple days ago. Quite a thing, even after seeing countless videos, when you come face to face with one. I left it alone and it left me alone. Seemed a curious, happy flower-type species to me :)
And don't go unprepared: there are experimental AX weapons that only work on Thargoids (if you want to fight), shutdown field neutraliser to counter their tendency to disable your ship and xeno scanner for effective targeting.
You know, if Thargoids can post here, there will be 100 times more threads about murderhobo griefers in over engineered ships killing randoms while they were just minding their own business.
I saw an interceptor at a damaged mega ship. Very foolishly decided to have a closer look in my unarmed, unshielded asp...
In the right cockpit panel in the statistics screen is a number of actual Thargoid encounters, which equates the number of hyperdictions you experience. That number is not influenced by encounters with Thargoid ships, neither scouts nor interceptors, so it seems these ships are not piloted by Thargoids. Also at a closer look at what seems to be the ships cockpit section they appear to be empty (careful, they don't like close proximity).

Click on the image for a higher resolution

So to answer your question: No, it's highly unlikely we have actually seen any Thargoids, yet. They might be around when they hyperdict our ships, however they seem to stay in hyperspace when that happens.
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