The basic game needs a lot of fleshing out.

So far I am enjoying the game but there are several notable omissions and by and large this is all down to the AI and management. Apart from the obvious bugs that people have mentioned with the queuing system, I'm wondering when the following will be implemented if at all:

Guests don't ever get lost. In previous games they did and had to buy maps from the Information Booth. This doesn't happen in this game and given how massive the parks can be, it doesn't make sense at all. We all know families with kids often get lost in reality so why not here. Especially as they did this in previous titles. they feel like stepford wives. beautiful but lacking the intelligence and feelings of RCT 3.

There is no weather system at all to speak of. In previous games, if there was a downpour, guests wouldn't ride the biggest coasters if they were above ground. There was a nice strategic side to this as you could make underground coasters to keep your income up and guests would buy umbrellas.

The pathing / tunnelling system. Why can't we auto build tunnels with paths??

Constructing coasters underground. Why can't we see underneath when building coasters? It's incredibly frustrating guessing what u are actually doing. There needs to be some sort of toggle to remove ground.

Ride excitement rating and scenary seems off too. Previous placing trees or going underground through tunnels would increase the excitement of your ride a lot. Now it seems arbitrary and its down to scenary around the queue as to whether you can charge more! how in the world does that make sense at all???

Training and wages. Basically when you have a massive park with lots of staff, it is an utter chore to click through them all and clicking on training and upping their wages. Some sort of rethink is needed here.

Staying on staff. The work rota is nowhere nearly as accurate as clicking on the path route you want them to take. So many times I have dirty parks because handymen are not going to the areas they should be. Also where are security guards? Previously there were there to keep rowdy teens in order. Now everything stays pristine and everyone behaves perfectly.

Obviously there are a lot of actual rides missing and it's disappointing there are only 12 scenarios. I expect these will come later, but I'm more concerned that the heart of the game, ie the management needs more love and is going to stay static.
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Guests get lost. They just stand there and wave
Yeah I was going to say, not by themselves. You have to force the issue. The new AI basically stops that happening. It would be good however to have it so that if the information centre sold maps then guests decide what they are doing and where they are going say 20% faster, I think this could be done by people without maps having their decision making slowed down.
Very good stand points Bigmitch. I agree with you.

I love underground building, but not in Planet Coaster. We indeed still waiting for an auto-tunnelling feature for paths.
And we do need to be able to toggle landscape/terrain visibility on/off so we can have an overview of the underground.
Both feature exist in all 3 classic RCT games.
Theres a video I saw showing how to view the park from underground. Cant remember where I saw it though
Its not a feature, its a glitch lol but it works good
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