Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: Double Trouble (Swift-16 Championship, Race 4)


Buckyball Racing Club presents: Double Trouble
(Swift-16 Championship, Race 4)
Hoshide Dock (Adivarakhe) 22-JUL-3309 to 30-JUL-3309


Welcome to round-4 of the BRC Swift-16 Championship – Double Trouble.
This is a brand new race, brought to you with some optional shenanigans once again provided by long time Buckyball fans Anthony “Fat Tony” Lonnigan and Enoch “Little Nuk” Lonnigan (aka The Lonnigan Brothers) – you didn’t think you seen the last of them after last year’s Seven Sisters Speedway did you?

This is a simple race involving leaving the start/finish station (Hoshide Dock in the Adivarakhe system) and visiting three starports (docking at each) and three installations (passing inside or through each one). The complication is that each destination system contain one starport and one installation (double trouble), so you need to decide whether it is quicker to visit each system once or twice.

Additionally while the three target systems are within 10ly of each other, the start / finish line is nearly 100ly away – luckily Adivarakhe is the closest inhabited system to the Neutron Star Jackson’s Lighthouse (a mere 17ly away), so a quick neutron boost can be used to help short range ships like the Regulation Cobras on their way!

Lonnigan Brothers.jpg

The Lonnigan Brothers - Celebrity Buckyball fans
(Not in any way connected to organised crime)


Start (and finish) on the pad at Hoshide Dock in the Adivarakhe system.
Visit the following six stations / installations in any order:
  • Neff Hub (Beatis) – Orbis Starport near body 1 (266.67ls) – dock here
  • White Grove Homestead (Beatis) – agricultural installation ~50ls from main star – fly through one tunnel
  • Lanchester's Folly (Nauani) – Planetary port on body B1 (967.10ls)– dock here
  • Intermutual Interchange (Nauani) – Comms Installation near body B4A (967.24ls) – Fly through the superstructure – see below.
  • Lewis Gateway (Vodyanes) - Coriolis Starport near body A4 ( 152.00ls) – dock here
  • Conjunct Transmittal Satellite (Vodyanes) – Comms Installation near body A3A (47.55ls) – Fly through the central tunnel
Without completing any shenanigans, experienced Buckyball racers should be able to complete the course within 30 minutes in a Regulation Cobra.



Optional Shenanigans
Once again the Lonnigan Brothers have provided a set of optional shenanigans to liven up the race. These can be used to gain a maximum of 25 minutes of time bonus. Negative times are possible and permitted.

Unlike last year’s event (with its controversial no-shenanigan-zone), the Shenanigan bonuses will apply to Cmdrs in all positions on the leaderboard.

Each waypoint includes the option to gain one shenanigan bonus:
  • Neff Hub – Either Station Hustler (2 minutes) or Okinura Baby!!! (4 minutes)
  • White Grove Homestead – Crop Circles (2 minutes)
  • Lanchester's Folly – Total Recall (6 minutes)
  • Intermutual Interchange – Breaking and Entering (2 minutes)
  • Lewis Gateway – Beer Run (2 minutes)
  • Conjunct Transmittal Satellite – Bootlegger (1 minute)

Additionally, the following Shenanigan bonus can be claimed by flying without shields (unlimited) or with shields powered off (regulation) and not making any ship repairs during the run:
  • IronBucky (4 minutes)

The IronBucky bonus can be doubled to 8 minutes by either of the following shenanigans:
  • Flying Cmdr Daisy
  • Demolition Man

For full details of the optional Shenanigans, please see post 3 below.

The race sounds very complex with all the shenanigan bonuses, but its's basically just the IronBucky (no-shields/repairs) with a choice of two optional upgrades (Daisy/Demolition) and then one shenanigan per waypoint. Here is a great video guide (with captions) prepared by @Alec Turner of a full bonus run in Regulation Cobra class.

Things that are and aren't allowed.
  • You are NOT allowed to have either a docking computer or a supercruise assist module fitted to your ship.
  • You are NOT allowed to supercharge your FSD prior to the race (yes, it is possible) but you CAN make use of White Dwarfs and/or Neutrons during the race.
  • You are NOT allowed to make use of a fleet carrier during your run.
  • Synthesis of any kind (including SRV repair) is NOT allowed.
  • You are free to start with as much or as little fuel on board as you want.
  • You are NOT allowed to fit or remove modules mid-race.

Race Classes.
There are two classes you can enter for this race, the regulation Cobra class and the unlimited ship class. The regulation Cobra class is the standard unengineered build that's being used throughout all of our championship races. You can find the build linked here:

In the unlimited ship class you can use any ship you like with any amount of engineering, although keep in mind what's not allowed above.

You are allowed to enter submissions in both classes.

Optional Fit for Regulation Cobra.
Due to the “Breaking and Entering” shenanigan requiring the removal of doors blocking the entrance and exits of a tunnel it is permitted to fit 2x Class 1E (Small Fixed) Fragment Cannons to your Regulation Cobra for this race only. This reduces the normal unladen jump range to 24.49ly. These are the same weapons that were fitted to the Regulation Cobras for last year’s Magic-8-Ball championship, so you might have them lying around somewhere, but if not the 1E Fragment Canon is available from the outfitting in Hoshide Dock.
This is entirely optional, it is possible to open the doors by bumping them in an unarmed ship, so the choice is yours.

Evidence for your run:
For this race I’d prefer video evidence, with bookmarks – I’ve included a guide to bookmarking YouTube videos in post#3 below. Don’t worry it’s easy, and in my opinion quicker to do than extracting and uploading loads of screenshots.

If you prefer to provide screenshot evidence, then that’s okay, but be warned the optional shenanigans require quite a lot of extra screenshots (but only a few extra bookmarks for video).
  • For Regulation Cobra only I need to see your module loadout please, 2 shots from the right panel should show everything (with video, just scroll through the full contents of the modules tab - toggle up/down should show everything).
  • Hoshide Dock start – on the landing pad with the station clock visible, before pressing “launch” – this is your start time.
  • One screenshot for each of the three starport waypoints – on the landing pad – docked with the station clock visible.
  • One screenshot for each of the three installation waypoints.
  • For White Grove Homestead and Conjunct Transmittal Satellite, this should be inside a tunnel (Conjunct only has one tunnel).
  • For Intermutual Interchange, this should be as your are about to pass though the middle between the three cylindrical modules (see below).
  • Hoshide Dock finish – on the landing pad with the station clock visible, after landing with the landing pad launch menu at least partially visible – this is your finish time.


Livesplit files for this race are available, courtesy of Epaphus.
Livesplit files are available -
Due to the pick your own stop order, I've done a basic one like the last race.

If there is interest I can look at creating a more detailed Livesplit which would help with tracking jump, supercruise and docking times. However you would need to edit the Livesplit files to re-arrange sections to fit your chosen route.

P.S. Why not join us in the BRC Discord for live chat before, during or after making a run!


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Optional Shenanigans.
The following section details the full requirements of each of the 10 optional shenanigans.

IronBucky (4-minute bonus).
Fly the entire run without shields (not fitted for unlimited, powered off for regulation)
Ship repairs of any kind are not permitted.
No additional screenshots or bookmarks required.

Flying Cmdr Daisy (Doubles IronBucky bonus to 8-minutes).
While making an IronBucky run, have at least 90% hull integrity the last time you dock before the end (ie at whichever of the three starports you visit last), and when you dock at the finish line at Hoshide Dock.
No additional screenshots or bookmarks required.

Demolition Man (Doubles IronBucky bonus to 8-minutes).
This is the same as “Flying Cmdr Daisy” above, but this time you must have a maximum of 10% hull integrity at your last waypoint starport and at the finish line.
No additional screenshots or bookmarks required.

Station Hustler (2-minute bonus).
As you did at Race#1 The Empire Hustle, when you drop out at Neff Hub approach the station from the front and request docking permission.
Then fly around the back of the station, passing directly behind the reactor section.
Then fly back around the front and dock as normal.
This requires 2 extra screenshots, one from the front showing the slot and a confirmed docking request, and a second around the back of the station showing the reactor structure.
If you are providing video evidence a single bookmark is required, from the front of the station with the slot in view marked “Hustler start”.
Here's quick guide to how the two screenshots should look:


Okinura Baby!!! (Doubles the normal Station Hustler bonus to 4-minutes).
This is an upgrade of Station Hustler.
Rather than just approaching the station from the front, you must enter and exit the docking bay via the slot (don’t forget the request docking permission first!), then before and after passing the station's reactor loop around the habitation ring closest to the reactor.
Rather than the 2 screenshots used for Station Hustler the following 4 screenshots are required:
1. Inside the docking bay, before exiting again
2. On the outside of the rear habitation ring facing back towards the front of the station.
3. Rear of the station with the reactor module in view
4. On the outside of the rear habitation ring facing back towards the reactor module.
Then dock as normal.
If you are providing video evidence a single bookmark is required, from inside the docking bay, or just before entering the bay marked “Okinura start”.
Click the spoiler tag for a pictorial guide to completing Okinura Baby, and where to take the screenshots if you are not using video evidence.

Click the images for a higher res copy of each map.

Crop Circles (2-minute bonus).
After flying through a tunnel at White Grove Homestead fly through one of the agriculture rings, then fly through the other ring, then fly a second time through the first ring.
This requires extra 3 screenshots (one per ring).
If providing video evidence, no addition bookmarks are required, just mark your White Grove Homestead bookmark as “tunnel and crop circles”.






Total Recall (6-minute bonus).
After docking at Lanchester's Folly deploy your SRV, select Lanchester's Folly as a target (so you can see how far away you are), and travel to a distance of 5km.
Recall your ship.
Board your ship.
One additional screenshot is required, from inside your SRV with the distance to Lanchester's Folly showing at least 5km prior to docking with your ship.
If providing video evidence, then make one extra bookmark showing that you are 5km from Lanchester's Folly, labelled "Total Recall 5km".

Note: It is permitted to recall your ship before reaching 5km, but you must screenshot or bookmark at a point where your SRV is at least 5km away from Lanchester's Folly. You can recall your ship when at least 1.5km from the port, but it's best to wait until at least 4km, because the ship will land roughly where you recall it from.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 185847.png

Breaking and Entering (2-minute bonus).
After passing through the superstructure of Intermutual Interchange, fly to either of the side modules and bump or shoot the tunnel door to open it.
Fly through the tunnel.
Open the exit door in the same way.
If you are flying in open mode, then if you’re lucky another Cmdr might have opened the door for you – this is fine, just get through the tunnel.
One additional screenshot required inside the tunnel.
If providing video evidence, then no additional bookmark is required, just mark your Intermutual Interchange bookmark as “Interchange & Breaking and Entering”.


Beer Run (2-minute bonus).
When docked at Lewis Gateway, access the commodity market and purchase at least 1 unit of beer for Fat Tony’s post-race party / BBQ.
Make sure the beers are still in your hold at the end.
Two additional screenshots needed, both taken at Hoshide Dock:
One commodity market shot before starting, showing an empty cargo hold.
One commodity market shot after finishing, showing at least 1 unit of beer.
If providing video evidence, then no additional bookmark is needed – just switch to the inventory tab or the commodity market after docking at the end, to show that you still have the beer.

Bootlegger (1-minute bonus).
After passing through the tunnel at Conjunct Transmittal Satellite, flip your ship around and fly through it again in the opposite direction.
One additional screenshot required, from inside the tunnel the second time.
If providing video evidence, no additional bookmarks are required, mark your Conjunct Transmittal Satellite bookmark as “Conjunct Tunnel & Bootlegger”

Uploading to YouTube & Adding Bookmarks.

If you're already used to adding videos to YouTube and just need to know how to add chapters / bookmarks, then you just need to add a list of times and chapter titles to the description field in YouTube Studio, like this:


The important thing to remember is that the first time must be 0:00 otherwise the bookmarks won't work.
I normally playback the original video file on my PC while its uploading to YouTube and fill in the list of timestamps using the times from the file. Save the details and the video will be split into bookmarked chapters as soon as it finishes processing.

If you need a full set of imstructions about uploading your run to YouTube, then click on the spoiler tag below.

First, from the menu on YouTube, click on "Your videos", this will take you into YouTube Studio (which you may need to activate the first time you try).


Once you are in the Studio page, you're presented with a list of your channel content.


Click on the "CREATE" button, in the top-right corner, then click on "Upload videos".


The following window will be displayed, you can then either browse for your video file, or just drag and drop it into the window.


You'll then be presented with the video details page - this is actually where you add the chapter bookmarks, but we'll skip that for now.


For now, add a better title for your video (it defaults to the original filename), and fill in other details (add it to a Playlist if you want, and tick yes/no for "made for kids", then click "NEXT"


The next screen isn't useful for most people, so just click "NEXT" again.


And again...


Now you're in the final one of these pages, select "Unlisted" to keep your run a closely guarded secret for now, but also allow you to share the evidence with me! :)
Click "SAVE".


You'll now be left with a little "Video uploading" window. You need to keep the current browser tab open while your video uploads, but you're free to get on with other things.


So open another tab, and go to your content again. Your new video will now be listed while its uploading. Click on the video title.


And you will now be taken back to the "Video Details" page, where you can now add the chapter bookmarks, as shown. Remember that the first time in the list must be 0:00.
I normally watch the video from the original file on my PC (the one that I'm currently uploading), and take the times from there, rather than waiting for the YouTube version to become available.


For a run without any optional shenanigans, the list of bookmarks would be something like this:

00:00 Modules
05:00 Neff Hub
10:00 White Grove Homestead
15:00 Lanchester's Folly
20:00 Intermutual Interchange
25:00 Lewis Gateway
30:00 Conjunct Transmittal Satellite
35:00 Finish

For a run with a full set of shenanigans, it might be like this.

00:00 Modules
05:00 Okinaru Baby start
06:00 Neff Hub
10:00 White Grove Homestead + Crop Circles
15:00 Lanchester's Folly
20:00 Total Recall 5km
25:00 Intermutual Interchange + Breaking and Entering
30:00 Lewis Gateway
35:00 Conjunct Transmittal Satellite + Bootlegger
40:00 Finish + Cargo Rack

Ask Tony (FAQ).


Remember Tony's word is final. OK?

Q: Is it OK if I just fit one frag cannon to the regulation cobra?
No! Fit both or don't fit them! Your choice.

Q: I'm scared of neutron stars, have you got any advice?
Yeah git gud!


Q: Can I get a bigger bonus if I...
No, you get what we agreed, nothing more!

Q: Is it OK if I recall my ship before I hit 5km as long as I get the SRV 5km away before boarding my ship?
Yeah, I don't care when you recall - just make sure you get that SRV 5 klicks from the port before you dock.

Q: Can I fit/remove the SRV hangar mid-race?
What? No!!

Q: Do you know what the biggest ship you can fit though the tunnels is?
No, just see what you can squeeze in, or fly something small and fast.

Q: Did you know about the missiles when you set this race up??
Nope, but I love 'em.

Q: These rules make my head hurt. Are you crazy, or just some sort of sicko who likes to watch people waste 30 minutes just to blow up right at the end?

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Intent to have an IronBucking, Daisy Demolitioning, Okinura Hustled, Crop Circling, Totally Recalled Break and Entered, Bootlegged Beer Run of a crack at combining ALL of this lunacy. Quick question on the Total Recall bonus, is it OK if I recall my ship before I hit 5km as long as I get the SRV 5km away before boarding my ship?
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Ok I think I got it, so this one is about completing a nice list of shenanigans the fastest, but there's also an added time penalty for who completes the optional race on top of it? 😁

Hard days ahead and can make no promises, but I'll see what I can do, hoping I can do something.
The Lonnigans like to give you options you cannot refuse. 😎

If you think of it as one optional shenanigan per location plus the IronBucky options it's hopefully not so complex.

Station Hustler is really just there for anyone who doesn't fancy going for Okinura Baby!!!

Little Nuk is expecting quite a few explosions at Neff Hub, but I talked him out of any Kamikaze challenges this time. :LOL:

I'm planning to have a bit of a go myself this time, once there's a few entries on the boards, I don't expect that I'd make the podium if someone else was hosting, so I can probably give it my best shot.

I'm definitely not the best at SRV flyving or station laps, but I really enjoy both. :)
If everyone starts at the same time this would be great as audience live stream material. Fdev putting some camera clients up for live stream?
If everyone actually started at the same time (and in the same instance), the race (any race, basically) would be over in about two seconds, when the first five or eight collide inside the toast rack and the rest just boost into the wreckage.

Especially if we got told beforehand and the race devolves into a demolition derby between Cutters and T-10s - since in this case, the trophy wouldn't go to the fastest ship, but to whoever is still alive outside of the toast rack...

Put like this... who's in?
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