The Buckyball Racing Club presents Season 2: The Swift Sixteen Championship

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The Magic 8 Ball Championship last year was such a smashing success that the Buckyball Racing Club is doing it again!
This will be another racing season consisting of 8 races run at monthly intervals throughout 3309. And because this one is run by a supposed math teacher, 8+8 equals a Sweet Sixteen Season!

With this edition we will (mostly) be re-running 8 of the community's favorite races from the past 7 years of Buckyball Racing Club history. With over 80 to choose from there's sure to be loads of variety in the types of crashes we can manage!

In addition to the souped-up over-engineered Unlimited class where anyything goes, the Regulation Cobra returns this year, almost the same sans weapons! Enjoy the extra light-year of jump range and 1 m/s boost speed.

Fly Fast, Fly Dangerous.


(note: this collage only shows a partial selection of our racing history)


Each race is a time trial that runs for a set duration (typically 8 days, Saturday through Sunday to cover two weekends and a work week). Because of our time trial setup, you can enter whenever you want, as often as you want, and as many categories and ships and routes as you want. We’re all about your choice here, as long as you choose SPEED! These will function as standalone events, you do not have to be a member or have attended any previous events to join in the fun and mayhem.

In addition to the scoreboard and podium for each race, you will be awarded points according to your final placement that will count towards your overall championship standing. The 3309 champions will be announced after the last race of the season. To allow for scheduling conflicts and variable performance, only the points from your best 6 results will be counted.

Please share the banner and link with your own communities and friends to promote the race season and participation! An updated Sixteen Banner will be coming soon once the organizer is back at home.

We recommend all racers use Horizons 4.0, currently the most widely accessible version of Elite. This is most important for SRV sections so we have consistent terrain, and some organizaers may mandate a specific client. See individual race rules for details..

Regulation Cobra

We usually have two different ship classes that people can enter in our races. An unlimited class where you can race pretty much any ship you fancy and a regulation class where everyone is racing with the same ship and outfitting. For the Sweet Sixteen Championship we'll be using the classic Cobra Mk III for our regulation class ship. CMDRs can use the same regulation class ship throughout the entire championship. (of course you're still allowed to use different ships to compete in the unlimited class as well). For certain races we may have to specify minor changes be made to the outfitting of the Cobra but the basic build that will be required is as follows:

Regulation Cobra

The '$' sign at the top-right of that page will take you to an EDDB search for stations where you can buy everything you need to build the regulation class Cobra. A good nearby station to the starting line of the first race is Tshang Station in Lushertha while the nearest with the Li Yong-Rui discount is Fisher Port in LP 128-9.

For last year's racers you can dust off the same trusty ol' Cobra from Magic 8-Ball, take off the guns, and you're ready to go!


Participants in each race will be awarded points as follows according to their final position in that race's leaderboard:

1st - 10 points
2nd - 9 points
3rd - 8 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 6 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
All cther completed runs - 1 point

The final championship score will be the combined number of points from each racer's best 6 scores. That means racers can miss 2 of the season's races without incurring a significant penalty.

Each event will include two race classes, an Unlimited class where they can fly any ship they want (within the rules of the individual race), and a Regulation class which will require use of a specific ship and loadout as specified by the Regulation Cobra build.

There will be two championship leaderboards, one showing points earned from competing in each race's Unlimited class and one showing the points from the Regulation ship class. Racers are allowed to submit runs in both classes for each race and thereby have qualifying scores for both championship leaderboards.


Season Calendar

Sulu (aka Fish172)The Empire HustleApril 8th-16th
Alec TurnerThargoid Scramble Structure 2May 6th-14th
SgurrTunnel-ish Vision June 10-18th
RaikoDouble TroubleJuly 22-30
Caelum IncolaBraking BadlySeptember 23 - Oct 1 (tentative)
AshnakPrison BrakeOctober
OzricClose EncountersNovember


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Championship Leaderboards



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Q) Is this for Odyssey or Horizons?
A) Horizons 4.0 is recommended.
In general racers will be able to compete in whichever mode they prefer and/or have access to (the mode and platform used will be noted in the leaderboard but we don't plan to run separate leaderboards for each). We don't envision either mode offering a distinct advantage and certainly not one that outweighs general piloting skill. That said, any races which involve an SRV or other surface based component will have to be done using the version mandated by the race organizer, since the course will have been designed with that specific terrain in mind.

Q) Can I take part on console?
A) Yes! Please join in the racing fun. We don't plan to run a separate leaderboard for consoles, but we will note on the leaderboard which platform was used for each entry.

Q) When are these races happening?
A) We will have one race a month from April through November. Typically they run for 8 full days, from Saturday to Sunday. If a host wants to extend this to two weeks that is also an option.

Q) I haven't done a Buckyball Race before, how does this work exactly?
A) Buckyball races are time trials. Essentially each race has a prescribed set of waypoints (e.g. perhaps a set of 5 stations, or a start station and some installation tunnels to fly through, or a set of planetary features to race between) and some other rules (e.g. do as many laps as you can within a time limit, or turn off life support and go as far as you can and back without suffocating, or a whole myriad of other possibilities). When you decide to have a go you set yourself up at the start line, take a screenshot and then head off. You take further screenshots at each of the waypoints and a final screenshot at the finish line. Your time is the difference between the start and finish times in those screenshots as displayed on either the HUD or station services clocks. To submit a run to the race organizer you send in the set of screenshots for them to check (the intermediate screenshots are to prove you followed the correct route, didn't accidentally omit any waypoints, etc, etc). The organizer will compile all the submitted times into a leaderboard which is regularly updated on the race's forum thread. You can try again as many times as you like during the period the race is on (e.g. because you made mistakes and know you could do better or because your chosen nemesis has posted a faster time than you and you're damn well not going to let them win without a fight). You can also use video to record you run and extract screenshots later or upload a timestamped video.

Q) Are race hosts allowed to compete in their own race?
A) Race hosts are encouraged to have a proper go at their own race and to share their personal best times in the race thread along with everyone else. Because many of our race hosts are avid competitors, it is allowed for them to try hard on their own race, although a public video posting and time verification are expected. Race hosts will be limited to 7 points per race (no podium credit).

Q) Will the races be exact reruns of the original version?
A) Usually there are updates and variations on the rules to provide variety, the spice and seasoning of life. However this is up to the independent race hosts and they are welcome to copy an old race in its entirety. So feel free to test the old version to familiarize yourself with the run, but don't be surprised if the location is changed a little.


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